Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raised Paper Riot!

On our journey Sak and I also walked into a store called Paper-Source. Mostly on a whim, to see what kind of paper options we'd have for invites and such.

We were blown away! The paper was so pretty, and they had idea books laid out with samples. Now, I kind of already had an idea of what how we'd make our invites, but there was one thing we saw that completely threw me for a loop:

(click image for source)

Embossed paper! Isn't it amazing?! So pretty!

We had to have it. But, the price is a little steep! $18.50 for 20 sheets? eep!

So in order to solve any problem, we must first lay out our options:

1) Pay $18.50/20sheets. At about 100 invites, that would be $92.50
2) Buy a cuttlebug and make my own embossed paper with preset templates. This would be about $50 plus the cost of store-bought cardstock. They don't make a cherry blossom template.

3)Heat Embossing. Would have to pay for cardstock, a rubber stamp, embossing powder and heat tool(~$25).

They all look like fun to me! We'll have to sit on this one for a while, I think!'

Anyone else in love with embossed invites? Did you make your own, or buy them pre-made?

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