Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Big Bag Setback

Remember those silly little bags of mine? Well, they made the trip over to Hawaii (along with some Trader Joe's biscotti - did you know TJ's products are precious commodity over there?) to the waiting arms of Auntie-Saka.

She set up an appointment with our venue, and tried the covers on the bags.
Here's Bag #2, the biggest of the three. She said this one fit the best, since it was long enough to cover the entire chair back. I think this would look very nice with a wide satin ribbon tied into a bow around the base. (Bag #1 was too narrow and did not fit at all.)

Bag #3 was also a good fit, but not quite long enough to cover the back.

And not only did she take pictures, she also traced the outline of the chair back for us on cardboard!

But as much as I'd like to say this was a successful mission, Aunty-Sak did voice several concerns.

1) The mon is upside down. Well, I knew this was going to happen, obviously, but I figured a right-side up bag was more important than a right-side up chair. I don't think it looks too silly upside down, do you?

2) The strap just kinda hangs there (you can see this on bag #3). This, also I can deal with. Maybe we'll make it a drawstring type bag instead? or we could always just tape the strap inside the bag.

3) The chair seat. Yes, this would be the biggest problem, and one that I underestimated. Aunty Sak makes it clear that the bright blue/mauve combo on the chair does not go with the black bag. And here I though black goes with everything! I had hoped that this problem would be minimized by the fact that people have their butts on the chair, but due to her strong opinions, I'm wondering if I should do something more. MO'H suggested putting a flap on the bag, that would double as the seat cover, but part of me thinks that I'd be overcomplicating things.

So I don't know what to do now. I still love my original idea, and am 99% sure I will stick by it, but when Aunty-Saka says I should just scrap it and rent covers instead, and mom-penga says I should rent "those cute little bamboo-looking chairs" (chivari) instead...Well, it's kind of disheartening.

Anyone else have a moment where your plans didn't mesh with those of others? Did you end up changing your plans, or stubbornly stick with your gut?

And any of you crafty people out there know how I might take care of that pesky seat?

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