Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Manners

I never really thought the marriage process would change me much as a person. Sak and I have been together nearly six years now, what's one day going to change?

A lot.

There's a ton of changes that come with being engaged. There's a whole new vocabulary to learn, a new internet niche to explore, and expectations and relatives I never even knew existed.

One positive change, however, is the introduction of manners. Etiquette, prompt thank you cards - once a nuisance to my spare time, now something I kind of enjoy.

Take these for example:
Way-Cute Hallmark thank you cards! I bought them to send out to the lovely, generous friends and family that have been helping me out with planning bits and pieces so far. And sadly, had the wedding gurus out there not pounded in the importance of plentiful thank you's, this is something I would not have done.

Thank you wedding-gurus, whoever you may be!

But on that note, what would the perfect thank you cards look like? Would they match the invitations? A cute picture of the two of us on our wedding day? Another comic? A pre-made card? Like these pretty cherry blossom cards at Target:
I'm sure there's plenty more out there. Chalk this one up under the "needs more research" category. But even if I haven't had that "a-ha!" moment on this detail yet, it's still fun to think about!

How are you thanking your guests post-wedding? Did you decide on a card beforehand, or leave it as a much-needed post-wedding project?

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