Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bustle With Some Muscle

Every train needs a caboose. My train will sit on my caboose. Let's talk bustles!

Us trained-women know that we need a bustle to turn our carpet-sweeping drapery into a manageable second-rump. Okay, maybe not quite a second rump, the focus point of all the extra fabric doesn't have to be one's rear.

There's the American/Over bustle - pull the train up, and pin. Pin at one point or many, doesn't matter. (click images for source, of course!)

There's the French/Under bustle - pull the train under, and pin. As many places as you'd like.

And then there's this beauty - no pulling or pinning involved. Just strap the wire cage around your waist and lay your dress on top!

Now, my dress has pickups all over it - which is already sort of a French bustle. So I'll probably just add more of those to get the train off the floor.

Let's try, shall we?

Time to pick that train up off the floor!

First, Sak helps me figure out where all the points will be, sampling them with safety pins.

Now let's try it on and see what it looks like...
Okay, so it's not the best looking bustle ever, but it'll do for learning purposes.

Time to sew on the ribbons! (they go underneath..for a more detailed explanation, try this tutorial.

All finished, time to tie those ribbons together...

Bustled up and ready for the party!

The Halloween party that is, hello steampunk Penga and Sak!

What type of bustle did you use? (If any..) Did anyone else make their own?

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