Friday, October 2, 2009

Styling the Little Sis

Well, we've gone over what the groomsmen might like to wear; what about the bridesmaids? There will be only one, and her name is Danni. My ten year old sister decided right away that there was no way she'd be wearing a poofy froofy tutu dress. And I agree, I can't imagine her in one anyway. My first thought was to put her in a cute red pencil skirt and matching jacket. Like a mini business woman! But after massive amounts of googling, I have yet to find a business suit for 10 year olds, much less in a red color.

So together with my mom and I, we had her look through some websites for dresses that were "sexy" enough for her grown-up tastes. Here's a few inspiration slides from our search (as always, click to enlarge):


(Sources L-R:,,

I really liked the halter dress, but she nixed that off the list in a blink. We both like the red with black overlay, but mom thinks it's a bit too dramatic. Though Danni went to bed before we could show her the last dress, I have a feeling it's the one we'll go with: the red ballgown with the pickups and sweetheart neckline. It looks like my dress! Only shinier. It also has a faux-lace up back, just like mine (shown on the white dress example). What do you think? grown-up enough? Will she steal the show? These dresses are gorgeous! (And professionally made...:P)Being that she's the all-in-one attendant, I think she should take all the attention!

The next day after school she came home and looked at our ideas. Being that she is my little sister, she declared she would design her own dress, and proceeded to whip out a pencil and paper. I'm waiting for mom to scan and send me her design, but I've heard its pretty much a chimera of all the dresses we picked out above. I'm hesitant to tell her that we'll make her dress, unless of course mom or another family member wants to take on the project! Then I'll say, go for it! As it is, I'll probably have enough trouble making my own dress. And I wouldn't even begin to know how to size a ten year old. In a year, kids can grow a LOT.

Anyone else have picky younger-ones to dress? How are you handling it?

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