Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lotus Love

Since the glass double-happiness tealight holders are too fragile to make the trip to Hawaii, we needed a suitable alternative. What can go through the mail (or the airport), undamaged and in a relatively small amount of space?


Sak, as many know, is a master of origami. One of his many talents, and one that unfortunately goes unappreciated most of the time.

Sak: Look, I made a dodecahedron-geometrical-ball-shape from 78 pieces of your expensive engineering paper!*

Penga: Great, like what am I going to do with that? *tosses*

*not a direct quotation, of course

Well, surprisingly, my sentiments towards the paper craft have changed dramatically now that I am finding uses for them!

A quick online search of "origami flowers" popped up exactly what I was looking for (click picture for source):

Origami Lotus Flowers!

The perfect tealight holder!

I found some instructions here, and set Sak to the task of recreating them.

He made three flowers to experiment with...

First with only one sheet of paper...(fail)

Then with some sheets of plain white printing paper...Looks like a good size!

Finally with that expensive red washi paper!

...Just open the petals up a bit, and voila!

Just 59 more to go! I know paper flowers are an *in* thing at the moment, anyone else using an origami version?

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