Friday, October 2, 2009

More Mon Madness

Weddings involve a lot of paper. And for all that paper, I think it's nice to have a good theme running throughout. Some popular and beautiful choices include damask, flowers, trees/leaves and pretty swirls and loopies.

Although I haven't exactly nailed down what kind of design we'll have, in the ever-constant quest to avoid over-feminizing, I'm sure it'll involve lots of black lines. Maybe like our Corelle tableware...

Ahh simplicity, how I love thee..

Anyway, I also thought of continuing the tie-in to Sak's mon..since it will already be everywhere, courtesy of our favors. And since we're already celebrating his heritage that way, why not celebrate mine too?
Disregarding the doodley scrawlings on the bottom, I came up with three more mons, two of which are completely made up! Can you tell which ones? Two for Saka, Two for me, and the double happiness bonding us in the middle.

Saka gets the Hibiscus, state flower of Hawaii, since that's where he's from. He also gets his family mon, obviously.

Penga gets the poppies, state flower of California, since that's where she's from. She also gets the peony, state flower of Indiana, since that's where her paternal roots come from. I'll have to vector these in, of course, before I go splotting them around on everything. I'm thinking for sure they'll go on the escort/place cards. They'll probably also make appearances on programs and other papery goodness. Saka thinks it would be fun to put the mon most appropriate for the person on the place card. So all the Saka's would get the Saka family mon, all the Californians would get poppies, etc. Maybe, but there might not be an even balance! Let's integrate, not label!

What's your papery theme? How does it represent you and your FI?

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