Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Fresh Page to Turn

Before I post about my secret new toy, I think we should spend a moment to discuss a detail so minute that probably no one but an obsessive planner would care about: paper.

After seeing all the luscious, rich papery goodness Paper-Source had to offer, I decided to get some testing-paper of my own. Sak dutifully steered me away from luxe paper stores and towards the local Michaels and Office Depot.

Browsing the scrapbook paper selections can be drool-inducing, but all-in-all too expensive to use for mass productions. I left the craft store with four sheets of shiny pearl-white card stock, four for a dollar.

Next was the office supply store.

Sak: "Now, don't get your hopes up. Remember they didn't have that red paper you wanted last time."

Mic: "Ohh. Re-Entry Red..." *cringes*

Luckily, however, their selection of normal, bleached papers was much better. They had a little booklet attached to the shelf, with samples of the different paper types. I stood there rubbing the little things with my mouth hanging open.

Mic: "Ohh, this one feels nice. Sak, come feel this."

Sak did his best to ignore me as a store clerk looked over at the crazy lady feeling up the paper samples.

I grabbed a ream of the 67 pound white bristol vellum card stock. Now to be honest, I didn't know what the whole poundage thing was about. It was good that I didn't order online, cause I probably would have ended up with something a lot flimsier or thicker than needed. Sak gave me a basic rundown - the poundage is how much a specified number of sheets of a certain size weigh. So 500 8.5 x 11" printer sheets will have a lower poundage than 500 8.5 x 11" card stock sheets. This turns out to be a really simplified explanation though - so for more depth you can check out the crowd favorite Wikipedia (here).

Next we walked to the resume paper aisle. I remember the first batch of resume paper I bought, a beautiful stony cream color. That paper helped me get my job, so I have a fondness for the stuff. After once again touching all the samples, I grabbed a stack of 65 pound white linen paper. Not as durable as the card stock, but the texture is to die for.

Now that I have some materials to play with, time to crank up the idea-o-meter!

What kind of paper are you using? Do you have a favorite?

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