Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventures in Yudu


"Round One! Ready.... FIGHT!"

Let's examine the process of YUDU screen-printing, shall we?

First we printed out our stencil. This took, oh, about THREE tries, due to our printer's refusal to cooperate. We decided to go for the heart instead of the rebel alliance symbol. I'm a little sad about it, but Sak thinks it's best to confuse as few people as possible.

(Not pictured are the steps we took to burn the stencil into the emulsion. Just follow the directions, and make sure everything is 100% dry!) We set the finished screen in the Yudu and taped down the parts we don't want to ink just yet.

Next, we flooded the screen with ink.

Then Sak scraped the design onto the fabric! We did a total of 6 passes with a Ralph's grocery card.

Lift the screen up, and here's the design! Not so bad, actually.

...But after it dried, the ink disappeared! Ah! Maybe we should use a different color?

We tried the main design with the an opaque white ink instead. Much better!

...But still not perfect. I think I used too many scrapes on these, as you can tell be the bleeding. We'll get there yet!

How much trial-and-error did you have to go through before achieving perfect results? Or did you end up changing your definition of perfect instead?

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