Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Program Power! Part 1

A couple of months ago I attended a good friend's wedding. It was amazing! And I am now shamelessly stealing one of her awesome ideas.

During a reception slideshow of her and her new husband, she told the story of how they met through cute stick people and music. It didn't hurt that she had the best "this-is-how-we-met" story I've ever heard, either! (Previously they were just acquaintances at college, but one day they were both at the airport flying to Taiwan, and she had one too many travel-on bags, and he had one too few, so he offered to take one of hers!)

Needless to say, I was totally inspired! Our story isn't nearly as "awwwwweee~!"-inspiring, but it'll be fun anyway! I'm going to draw it out manga style:
First, I started with my pencil draft, which I scanned in and converted to blue so I could vector over it in photoshop.

The finished lineart! Now I just need to add text and tones...and about 3-4 more pages! (I won't ruin the story by posting the text now. )

Now, would it be unethical to "exaggerate" our story to make it more exciting? Like add some ninjas, a love triangle, and some cute cuddly mascot characters?

How are you telling the story of how you met your future spouse?

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