Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thinking Outside the Label

Creativity is kind of like the force. And for those creative-jedi out there, the wedding day is like the final moments before Luke blows up the death star. You need to be awfully strong in the force to hit those 'womprats'. It's the one day where all our creative endeavors are showcased all at once.

Wedding inspiration websites, then, are our Jedi academy. The place we learn techniques and ideas to best put our powers to use. And there are many, many fine establishments for doing just that.

One thing that may be overlooked though - the best training doesn't always have to come from "wedding" labeled websites.

Here's a few from my own "training":

-Deviant Art. My instant go-to for artistic inspiration. Anything you can think of, someone has made. I can spend days here looking through amazingly talented creations. (click image for the link!)

-Instructables. I love step-by-step pictures. LOVE love love. Not to mention this is where I found all those great fabric flower patterns.

-Threadbangers. For those with sewing-power, and for those that want it. Check out these awesome feather headpieces:

What's your non-wedding specific muse?

May the force be with you, fellow craft-jedi.

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