Monday, October 5, 2009

Shiny Happy Shoeples

Now before we jump right into the shoe-fest, let's talk about the needs. You see, I'm about two inches taller than dear Sak, so I am not allowed to wear heels under any occasion. Well, except for the secret pair of cute one-inchers hidden under my desk at work...

And then, after loving the way the little red shoes looked on my save the date magnet, I decided I needed red shoes. Yes, needed.

(Sources L-R: Merona , Naturalizer , Volatile , Da Vaccino Clie , Dorothy Shoes? )

The shoes on the top left are the ones I'll probably get (if not for the wedding, at least for everyday!) They are only $20 at Target! Unfortunately, the red ones weren't at my local stores, so I'll have to try ordering them.

I'm thinking they'll look pretty nice with a good shoe clip on the front. (Click the image for the etsy seller!)

Something with pearls to match my necklace? I can probably make my own, though the above etsy examples are so neat as well! I'd have to search for shoe clip findings, which could be more hassle than it's worth. What do you think - buy, make or antique shop? At what point do you stop adding DIY projects? The end of my list is no where in sight!

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