Thursday, October 22, 2009

Table "Numbers"

Instead of doing something simple and straight-forward, like numbering our reception tables...

...We're going to use places instead!

What places, you ask?

Oh, distant cities and foreign lands that Sak and I have spent many, many days exploring and living in.

I'm talking about MapleStory, of course. This is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), that we spent more than a year playing together in college (and still go back to from time to time). As cheesey as it sounds, we have many, many fond memories from Victoria Island, Orbis and beyond, so it's fitting we incorporate it into our increasingly pop-culture infused wedding.

Here's a mock-up:

I created the image using BannedStory, which is a avatar simulator commonly used for making forum signatures and such. Each table will represent a different town within the game. The picture above is Amoria, which is the "love" town that you can get married in. Sadly, Sak and I never got "married" in-game, since it cost about $30! That's just silly for a game. So we'll just do that IRL (in real life!).

We'll have to double the image for the front and back of the table number stand...Or maybe use two different images from each town. One can be "sweet&cute" and the other can be "ridiculous", like us fighting slimes or lupins or zombies!


What are you using for table identification?

{As always, click images for their sources!}

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