Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manvites: Re-Imagined

You thought we were done, right? Think again.

I sent out 100 finished pocket fold manvites - only to realize that the guest list wasn't exactly finished. Yep, there were to be about twenty more additions, to be specific. These things happen.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any extra pocket folds ready-to-go. And Sak was too busy working on the dress to be bothered with more time-consuming pockets. And we were also fresh out of white glue sticks for seal making.

Well, why not modify the design a bit? It will help both as a way of handling my lack of materials and also my lack of motivation. Fresh ideas are always a good cure for laziness.

I started by introducing some red linen paper, to make the package a little more colorful than last time. Since there was a lack of pockets for the inserts, I decided to try making a little folder instead. I punched holes at the top to keep the inserts inside.

I finished off the folder with a swirly embossed edge, and placed the inserts inside.

After mounting the main invitation card onto a plain rectangle of black linen paper, I tied it together with the insert folder and a stamped RSVP envelope.

I think the little ribbon feels a lot more feminine and cute than the wax seal did, which is ironic since most of these extra invites are going to men.

Anyone else have an ever-expanding guest list? How did you handle the second wave of necessary invitations?


  1. Those are really awesome! I like version 2.0. My mom added 2 sets of her friends whom I don't know, but that's her absolute limit- because we're in a tight 52 person Chapel. :o) So no wave 2 for us *hopefully*.

    Addendum: Much like I thought I wouldn't be a 2 dress bride, I will probably be a 2 wave bride as well.... oh well these are the joys of getting married!

  2. What is this amazing swirly embossed edge?! Is that a cuttlebug thing....?

    Those look totally fab. No one will know! :-P

  3. Wow, somehow "throwing them together while Sak busily works on your dress" comes out with awesome invites!

    I love these just as much as I loved your first set and I think its cool that you're open and willing to send out different invites because hello, its not actually worth the stress of going out and getting all the supplies again.

    Kudos on finding a chic alternative way that is super awesome and did not add to your stress levels!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so super creative!! This second set turned out so nice.