Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tangling with the Tunes Track Two

{Note - this is more of a remix of my first music post, so please excuse some of the redundancy!}

Music. First, I had planned on going the iPod route. Why would I need more, when we were not going to be dancing anyway? Ambient background noise was more than sufficient.

Until the friendor was introduced. Saka-Dad did some sneaky dealing with a pal of his, and suddenly we found ourselves signed up for a sound system, projector and optional light show. Seriously. Light show.

Well, honestly I did a little balking, and had a few not-so-pleasant flashbacks to senior prom. Some people loved their senior prom, but me? Missy Elliot, strobe lights and one awkward teenager on the dance floor did not mix.

But I appreciate Sak's family wanting to help. And I still hold the reigns to this party, right? We can make it what we want, and heck no, we don’t have to listen to techno.*

Only one problem. Sak and I, well – we don’t really have a wedding-appropriate music identity. Alt-rock, J-Pop and 80’s music are not the most cohesive mix. I could try to make it work, you know, a little Cake with your M-Flo and Queen? But I think it would be easier to just pick some guest-friendly middle ground.

Hawaiian Music. Cliché? Maybe, but we can avoid Don Ho and keep it a little more modern.

However, I not really familiar with modern Hawaiian music. Can you even dance to Hawaiian music? Island clubbing? And since when were we including dancing? Is that going to cut into our bingo time?

Sak assures me that you can dance to many modern Hawaiian songs, and that you can also dance and play bingo at the same time. I believe him (at least on the first part), but it still makes me queasy knowing I’m going in blind. The idea of not knowing any of the songs played at our reception also makes me feel a little weird. I think I need to do some serious research so I’ll have at least a couple good, memorable songs to recommend. We’ve also asked the DJ for some sample play list ideas.

In addition, they are sending us their promo DVD, so I can check out the light show before I throw it off the table completely. Seriously, no prom resemblance allowed, but who knows - I've been wrong plenty of times before, maybe it can be cool?

Do you know what’s going to be played at your wedding? Down to every last song, or do you have faith in your musician/DJ? And can you play bingo and dance at the same time?

*We don't actually hate techno, in fact, Sak is a big fan!


  1. I honestly think this light show can be whatever you want and when I first thought of it I had no flashbacks to prom or a disco. You can ask them to keep to a small array of lights (like white and red!) and only use it once and a while. Be happy that you have this *option*, it does not mean you have to use it. ;)

    Also, when it comes to music. We will be mixing in a little bit of an international theme (anyone want to salsa?) with my cheesy 80s hits (we're starting the party with Queen's Don't Stop me Now) and we'll try to get some of Pete's 90s rock (people like Hey Jealousy, right?).

    Today my motto is "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" - Stolen from the ah-mazing Rhett Butler of Gone with the Wind... so just do what you want and tell everyone else that you don't care!

  2. @gator - that's a good motto. i want to adopt that outlook! Sak's been pushing for a cohesive strategy though, so what's a girl to do? *sigh*. 80's Hawaiian rock? hehe.