Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brunch on the Beach

A good friend of ours, Sak's college roomie, recently asked us whether we'd like to go island hopping before the wedding in search of some volcanoes. And as fun as a good lava-hunt is, I don't think it'd be wise to run off in the few days beforehand.

But it did get me thinking, how are we going to spend some time with guests who arrive before the wedding?

I'm sure we will do some hanging out locally around Oahu in the days before, but we thought it would also be nice to get everyone together in one group. Our first thought was to invite all the out of town folk to the rehearsal dinner, but we ended up thinking it would be less hassle and confusion if we kept that time for people involved in the actual running-of-the-wedding.

We could invite everyone to our bachelor/bachelorette parties, but we're still not even sure if that's going to happen. Sak's still not too keen on me playing tourist and hula-ing around with random Hawaiian men.

But then I had a thought, while reminiscing about all the delicious Hawaiian food I had enjoyed at our last visit. And thus, the brunch-on-the-beach idea was hatched. Late morning the day before the wedding, we plan to meet all our guests (local, out-of-town, whoever wants to show up) somewhere along Waikiki beach for an informal picnic meet & greet.

For food, we'd go with what started my idea in the first place. Some Zippy's bento, of course!

Portuguese sausage, spam and eggs! Mmmmm.

We'll also bring some tropical fruit to cut some of that grease!

And we can't forget the Kona coffee!

Pastries, fruit juice, what else can we add?

Hopefully this will be a good time for us to really relax with our guests, and to thank them all for coming all the way to Hawaii! I know Sak and I are definitely looking forward to it, that spam and eggs has our name written all over it!

Are your planning on any pre-wedding parties? What's your favorite tropical fruit?


  1. omgosh. greasy spam, eggs, tropical fruit, and COFFEE!?!

    {*draws lines in the sand with toe...*} so... where and when is this? :-D

    I wanted a pre-wedding party, but the guests aren't arriving until like a day or two before the wedding. AND... there are so many other things like our families meeting the first time two days before the wedding, rehearsal, etc!

  2. Am I allowed to to "Ewwwww Spam?!"
    I think this is an awesome idea! Since so many of our guests are out of town, we're just having an open groom's party to kick off the fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, that tropical fruit, Yum! You just can't get good papaya on the mainland, I swear! I actually like spam, especially spam masubi. Your idea sounds great - I would definitely show up to this if I were a guest :)

  4. Ha! I love your adorable little doodles. So cute! The beach brunch sounds like a great plan. And yum-- sausage, spam, eggs, and rice is right up my alley!

  5. Sounds like a great plan! We are doing post-wedding activities for our OOT guests. We figure we'll be busy pre-wedding.