Sunday, April 4, 2010

Metal for Marriage

Flashback eight months ago:

Sak: "So, what kind of wedding band do you want with your ring?"
Me: "Plain and simple, I think."
Sak: "I saw these really cool stackable interlocking sets.."
Me: "Stackable? Nuu. That sounds like a lego. I don't want a lego ring. How hokey!"
Sak: "No really! They were pretty cool."
Me: "You say 'cool' like you say robots are cool, or how the part-oven at work is cool. I don't think I like that kind of cool on my finger for the rest of my life."
Sak: "Hey, don't hate it until you see what I'm talking about."

Well, *sheepish grin*, Sak was right. Ring sets can be kind of cool, and not as hokey as whatever strange lego-block image I had pictured in my mind. I found my desired plain and simple white gold ring, with a small twist - it's contoured to fit against my engagement ring.

Neato! Now, it looks pretty silly by itself, but since my e-ring is fairly unobtrusive, I plan on never wearing them apart anyway.

Sak opted for a matching band, minus the bending. He chose the comfort fit, which has more of a bevel on the inside. And interestingly enough, we both wear about the same size! If not for the little bend in mine, it would be hard to tell them apart!
Badges from our first convention together!

Combined, the rings were only about $130. To the raised eyebrows of the salesperson, we put our cheap rings on the payment plan for six months. Why? Because I didn't want to be responsible for holding onto them for a year. They are less likely to get lost if they aren't in our house. But after we were late for one of our $20 dollar payments, we decided that the whole thing was ridiculous and not worth the hassle. I asked the salesperson if I could just pay off the rings and leave them there, but she just gave me a blank stare and said no.

So now they sit at home amongst the other denizens of casa Penga, some of who were quite interested to play with the shiny metal objects...
Who needs gym badges?! Let's bribe the Elite Four with some bling!

Now it's two rings to rule them all?


Take out that guy with the super-late RSVP? Bounty hunter, paid in full.

See why I wanted to keep them safely outside of the house? Let's hope that our little rings haven't been collected, cast into molten lava, eaten or traded for galactic credits in the next few months. I think Sak and I might need them at the wedding!

Where are you keeping your wedding bands prior to the wedding?


  1. "she just gave me a blank stare and said no."

    and dude, the DOMOOOOOO one is freakin' hilarious.

    our rings look purty similar! well. w/o the bend. which means pretty plain and simple. :)

    did you ever tell the story about your e-ring or how you got engaged? did I miss it? has anyone told you your e-ring kinda has some inverted star wars x wing fighter angles to it?

  2. This is the best ring photo shoot I've seen in a while. Why does our house lack such fun, interesting models?!
    We're the same ring size too, so Pete's been able to try my e-ring on. It looks way better on my non-hairy fingers :)

  3. Hahaha, I love all the action figure shots. I did a similar one with my Legolas. Giant-headed Boba Fett is kind of my favorite. That's so awesome.

    Our bands are hanging out in the bedroom on a ridiculous silver cat ringholder that I got as a kid. They get paraded around on a regular's so fun!

  4. @alvina - lol, i never did talk about my e-ring much. sak picked it out on his own thinking i'd go back and trade it in for whatever i wanted, but i liked it and kept it instead :) and now that you mention x wings, maybe that's why i liked it..hmm. lol

    @gator - lool! i'm sure it does!

    @ash - everyone needs a legolas action figure. everyone. :)