Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Across, One Down

Even though I can only really do Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday puzzles, the New York Times crossword has always been a favorite of mine. I especially like to work them with my mother, who is a crossword genius, and sometimes Sak and my Dad if the clue has something to do with car parts or the military.
Is it trying to tell me something? Moi? Never.

Now, since there are a ton of free online crossword generators out there, why not make my own for the wedding? It'll keep people occupied if they get bored, and we can give out a prize for whoever is first to complete it. Sak agreed with my idea, but decided it wouldn't be fair unless we also included his puzzle of choice: sudoku. So, one crossword puzzle and super-expert level sudoku puzzle, please.

For crossword clues - honestly, my first list was so obscure even Sak didn't know the answers. I sent him a list of my "clues" in an email, and he shot back his answers. A small sample, Sak's guesses in blue italic:

-Greek lamb burritos I am offended that you called it a burrito :P
-Sak's first valentine present to Penga ...Oh man...Sorry I don't remember (don't get mad T_T)
-Diglett ...Dig? (what the crap)
-Hand Penga uses to write with Writing
-sith lightsaber color Red...are they always red?

He then sent back his own clues, which I tried to answer in turn (in red italic).
-Lenny ____ Euler. but people might say Kravitz, the singer.
-Badger (4x) Oh, it's a snake?
-Mushroom kingdom foot-soldier Goomba
-"Whole Check" Whole Foods
-outdoor/sporting goods store in Manteca You're getting ridiculous now lol

I think sometimes we have a problem with obscurity. Through a long series of back-and-forths, we found a good mix of Penga/Sak related clues and "potpourri" clues which have no real tie other than being things that interest us. Though just in case we are still too random, maybe the prize should be for whoever finishes the most by the end of the night.

Using a generator found here, we constructed the crossword. Then I found a Sak-worthy sudoku from here and added it as well. Here's the preliminary page layout to stick in our programs:

Any other puzzle fans? Are you team crossword or team sudoku?


  1. Is 32 across a DAAN TAT?! (Or a po-tat?)

    Very cute!! I'd be afraid someone might miss the whole ceremony cause they're engrossed in their crossword/sudoku :-P But great layout!

  2. Wow girl! You really took the crossword idea and ran with it... I love it! I wish I had your time/energy :)

    (I may or may not print this sometime today and try it out... don't be surprised if you get email hint requests ;)

  3. daan tat isn't too crispy up top, is it? @_@. think more..umm. french! lol.

    @gator - yours is lovely too! :) sometimes i think i should be doing more important things with my time (like you are!) than screwing around on the

  4. Okay this is what I've got so far...
    8. Gyro
    11. Coconuts
    14. Library
    21. Pi
    26. Japan
    39 Rubix
    1. Origami
    3. Pokemon
    7. Electrical Engineers
    16. Anime
    20. Red
    29. Gelato
    33. Galazy


  5. This is so cute + clever, I am really impressed! I think there is definitely a time and place for both crosswords and sudokus - two of the best places are airplanes and beaches!