Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Shooter's Hit List

One of the things our photographer requested was that we put together a list of must-have shots. I mean, ideally, I want to give her as much artistic freedom as possible, but I understand. Heaven forbid grand-poobah-what's-her-name miss out on her five minutes of paparazzi fame.
"Whaaat?! Leave ME out of a picture? How dare you!"

Just kidding. But let's compile a list anyway, shall we? I'll start with the checklist on Real Simple's website, since it's fairly comprehensive. I'll cross off the one's I won't be needing.

-"Full-length shot of the bride in her gown, looking at herself in a mirror" - Ehh, not really necessary, but it could be fun if i'm making a weird face.

-"Close-up of groom’s expression while waiting for the bride" - Seeing as Sak is pretty expressionless, this might be a useless shot.

-"Newlyweds’ vehicle" - The parent's rental van? (And yes, we're renting a van.) Umm. Again, not necessary, but not a completely uninteresting picture.

After scrubbing the standard list, it's now time to add in my own:

-Silly bride and groom and both serious families.

-Bride carrying groom. (Because I can!)

-Bridal party jumping (we tend to do a lot of that...)

-Parents jumping. (Hey, if they'll wear super-bright aloha shirts, why not?)
(Penga-Mom and Dad practicing their flattering poses!)

-Groomsmen and their cufflinks.

-Bridesmaid holding train while making a face. (This one will come naturally, I'm sure. We're good at making faces.)

-Guest enjoying the chair-cover-bag-favor. (I don't care if it's a fake enjoyment, I didn't spend so much time on them for nothing!)

-The food, and guests with their mouths full. (Because everyone wants to remember how they gorged themselves at the poke buffet!)

-The Penga&Sak Signature Leg-Lift.

Am I missing anything interesting or strange? I'm a sucker for shots with "personality". And since personality is something that bubbles up rather than comes out posed, I think this list is more of a guideline than a necessity. I'll just really emphasize that I'd like creative shots - whatever creative might look like. And as long as we get a few standard family pictures in, I think the traditional family members would be satisfied.

Are you making a must-have list for your photographer? What's the most interesting shot you are requesting?


  1. The first pic is so funny!!! :)

    I like unique shots like that a lot. :]

    Is that... your sister? That was a cute pic.

  2. As ya'll are incorporating so many fun "props" into the wedding, I'd like to see them used more in the photos. My thoughts include (but are not limited to):
    - You and Sak wearing your super cool chair bags
    - Are you still making those pins? You should make one that says "help me" and one that says "I do" and have you and sak holding them
    - If you're doing the cranes, I want them everywhere... start swimming in cranes! Same goes with those beautiful flowers.

    Basically, I hope you get tons of photos with all of those projects that you spent hours on and turned out so fab!

  3. @alvina - hehe, yeah that's my sis and i at the new academy of science..down under the fishes..not that you can tell from the picture though, lol.

    @gator - bahahah! you've convinced me, i definitely need a "help me" pin! and maybe a "panic button", too. :) (and sak said i could do the pin thing after i finish my dress! im so excited! but must finish the dress blurrghhh..)

  4. Aww your sister is so cute! :] You guys seem like a funny bunch :)

    Well I figured it was an aquarium of somewhere. But yeah! The academy of science is in my 'hood!! :]

  5. We have a pin making kit in our union so if you send me the design I'd be glad to help out!! (Its the LEAST I could do)

  6. thanks for the offer, gator! i might have to call you in on that! what size buttons does it make?