Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proper Packaging

Problem: What do I use to put our Out-of-Town goodies in?

- Needs to be big enough for a couple of water bottles, paper, snacks, etc.
- Needs to be able to flatten for easy transportation to Hawaii.

We could do boxes:
This would probably be easiest, but they are somewhat single-purpose. A bag, at least could be easily re-used.

How about pretty Hawaiian tote bags:
I'm a big-bag-fanatic, but we are already giving our guests chair-cover-bags - would this be bag-overkill?

Maybe a meshy beach bag, instead:
This is a little different from the favor bag, right?

Or maybe a fancy looking parcel wrap, tied up with strings:
It's bound to be someone's favorite thing. Right? Though I don't know how I'd wrap something like a water bottle. That would probably have to sit to the side.

Or maybe we should just go with a towel rolled up with stuff:
Yeah, I know what you're thinking - diaper cake. We can call this the beach-cake, no babies involved!

Any other ideas? I plan to take the packaging materials over to Hawaii with me, then fill it up with local goodies before the wedding - hopefully before all my guests show up!

If you made out-of-town favors, what did you put your guest's goodies in?


  1. I'm sure all them abc stores can take care of alllll your needs. :-P maybe just go buy all the goodies from abc stores. go a different bunch of times. accumulate a bunch of abc bags. and use those! :oP

    if you must not be ghetto, I think the mesh one might be most useful...? esp if folks stay and enjoy the beach and such. the boxes are cute, and ESPECIALLY for destination weddings (or even not...) people don't usually keep boxes. they'll just chuck them! (including the fancy parcel wrap)

    the towel one is a cute idea since they can use the towel at the... beach, right? :] but I feel like... that might involve towel-rolling-ribbon-tying-lots-of-coordination-not-worth-the-work-ness. :]

  2. I'm so confused on what I should do. We only have about 15 or so if everyone comes, I think. I don't want to spend a ton of money on bags, especially if it's going to be thrown away or not used, if it's a reusable bag.

  3. We're using gable boxes for our OOT favors. A few months ago, I bought 45 pink gable boxes from a bride on weddingbee's classifieds section. She bought a bulk of 100 and only needed 55, so I got them for an amazing low price. I think they're really cute and they do fit 2 bottles of water plus snacks, maps, etc very nicely. Right now, they are still flat-packed away in a box until I decide how I want to decorate them. But I'm thinking of using some green ribbon and that awesome drawing that you made of us. That drawing sure is getting some mileage in our wedding! Patrick thinks that I should ask you if its okay since we might be overusing it. hehe. I really hope you don't mind because we just love it so much!! <3

  4. @bee - hehe, use as much as you want! im always impressed on how good you make it look, actually! :)

  5. I still think that you should open up an etsy shop and charge people for your amazing drawings. Your shop will be very popular for sure. Perhaps after the wedding when all of the DIY madness has died down?! You are so talented and I know that many brides-to-be would love your drawings. I love mine so much that I can't help but want to slap it on all my wedding goods. You have certainly spoiled many of us bloggers with your free skills!