Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go, Go Garter!

A long time ago in a Hyatt far, far away... I went to a bridal show. In and for the County of Monterey, actually. I don't really recall why I went, as I'm not getting married in Monterey, but I think it had something to do with the "free gift" they were handing out to attendees. I have a serious penchant for free things, it seems.

Well, luckily for me, the free gift was a garter!

Score, much? And I do highly recommend the Monterey bridal show for any central coast brides. They hold it twice a year, and the cake and food samples were delicious.

Anyway, let's make this freebie a little more Penga-esque, shall we?

First I ripped off all the fluffy on the top. I don't really know what those pearl-stick things are supposed to be anyway.

Next, I sewed some red and black ribbon around the whole thing.

Then I glued on some loopy-bows over the ribbon ends.

And the fun part, a little strawberry applique!

At first I was going to use an anime charm. But then I realized that we'd be tossing this garter, and my charm would be given away to some random guy. And being an utterly selfish, hoarding-collector-type, I couldn't allow that to happen. The strawberry will have to do!

The re-designed garter!

The lace is cheap with fraying ends, but I can't really argue with free. And I don't think the guys will care much anyway. So overall, not bad for twenty minutes of time.

If you are wearing one, are you adding any personal touches to your garter?


  1. haha it looks way better!! very cute! I like the red/black ribbon part!

  2. You did such a great job with it! I still need to purchase mine!

  3. I love how you changed it up! It's so cute. You are so crafty, girl!