Friday, July 23, 2010

Ducks in a Row

No, not Mrs. Pug's ducks.

I'm talking of that super un-fun stuff called paperwork.


Regardless of the boring-factor however, the paperwork is pretty important. And since I'm in the mood for pretending to be organized, I thought I'd share my arsenal for conquering the wedding week.

In the Kogepan folder -
- Vendor contracts
- Vendor receipts
- Misc. vendor emails

In the Squall folder -
- Hotel confirmations
- Flight confirmations
- Honeymoon Itinerary
- Japan Rail Pass receipts
- Re-Pack List for honeymoon

In the Daisuke/Dark folder:
- Week-of Timeline
- Day-of Timeline
- Vendor contact list
- Marriage license application
- Seating Chart (I used Martha's freebie tool.)
- Decoration Inventory List
- List of things to buy in Hawaii
- List of when OOT guests show up, and where they are staying
- Notes for the emcee
- Copy of wedding vows
- Beat-up-on-sight list for the bouncer

And in a mailing folder, I also have some copies of the timeline, seating chart, and inventory lists for our decorator/coordinator.

I'm wondering why I waited until the last minute to put all this together. It really does give one peace of mind to know that everything is there, ready to go.

On the other hand, I've had to re-do the seating chart like 20 times since last week alone. So starting early does have drawbacks as well.

Am I forgetting anything? We plan to bring the laptop with us too, so if I really forgot anything important, I should be able to find it still. Having the hard copies in hand is a bit more comforting though.

What's in your essential wedding paperwork?

And I kid about the bouncer. It wasn't in the budget, unfortunately. :)


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH Are you getting married in a week?!
    (you are so ready. SO READY.)

  2. What interesting folders you have :oP Your seating chart looks like weddingwire? Isn't it so useful?