Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ring Box

We don't have a ring bearer, due to lack of cute little children or fuzzy pets. Sak's brother will simply carry them in his pocket.

And trivial as it may be, I wasn't satisfied with the box our rings came in.

It's grey and boring, but more substantially - it's really big. I didn't think it would fit comfortably in Saka-bro's pocket.

Instead, I thought of how fun it would be to put our rings in a capsule ball - like the kind you get $1.00 Pokemon toys from.

Though unfortunately, Sak wasn't having any of that. Here's what he sent me in response to my e-mailed idea:

"The problem with capsules:

Setting: outside in the parking lot
1)Saka-bro gets out of the car and the ring capsule falls out of his pocket.
2)said capsule begins to roll in the lot picking up speed
3)rings falls into storm drain, never to be seen again. I'd say go with a box"

I emailed back, "Can I at least decorate the box?"

To which he replied:

"This falls into the category of details that will cause penga to forget the more important things. She will end up doing everything even more last minute, and then she'll find some way to blame me."

Who, me?

Undeterred - I decided that if I couldn't use a capsule, and I couldn't decorate my own box, I would at least find an interesting pre-decorated box. Like these:

The brocade-covered boxes were not only super-cute, but cheap too, at 6 boxes for about $5. The only problem was the fact that they came in randomly-assorted packages. Of course I wanted the red box, but there would be no guarantee I'd get one.

I forked over my electronic $5 anyway, and begged in the comments for a red box.

And lo and behold, the seller was sweet enough to give me not one, but TWO red boxes!

They are really small though, so our rings will have to snuggle.

Cute, small enough for a pocket, no precious DIY time used up - check!

What are you holding your rings in during the ceremony?


  1. oh man, sweet deal! and... they're cute!! I like the heart shaped ones too. oh man. I might have to get some. for NO reason. :-P

  2. we got a paloma's nest ring bearer bowl but with the hebrew word for "life" in the middle. it was on her "yard sale" meaning she made one to consider adding to the collection and opted not to... cheaper for us, and i wanted something with hebrew text so it was win-win!

    i like your box - very pretty!

  3. i got a special box too! We didnt have a ring bearer so we had our officiant carry the special little box. it worked great!

  4. nice! I never thought of doing anything special for the box before, but you just inspired me to do something and make it look more special. Thanks! :-)