Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Survival Kits

Last time, I talked about what should belong in our out-of-town bags, and several of you responded that Advil or Tylenol might be a good idea.
So I took your advice, and promptly had way too much fun in the travel-sized section of Target, REI and Walgreens.

It's okay though - we'll put all this fancy stuff in cute little hibiscus bags.

And then we'll staple it up with a little list of "ingredients".

Don't ask.

Anyway, if my bad-attempt at being clever left you confused, our "survival kits" include sunscreen, shout wipes, lens wipes, Tylenol, Tums, and a little packet for first aid.

The leftover glassine envelopes from our tissue packets hold three bandages and two little alcohol wipes. Though I hope no one has need of the little guys, I did throw in one surprise per trio of band-aids.
Sparkles, in case there happen to be any "cold ones" in our crowd.

I think it's quite obvious that we need to just get married already. I feel like each pet-project is getting more and more absurd. But at least this one was fun and stress free. If only you could have seen the look on Sak's face when he saw Darth Jellyfish.

Is this our version of pre-wedding peace?

It very well may be.

Will you have emergency kits for your guests?


  1. Whoa my gosh, why are you so cute? These little e-kits are so adorable. Very clever too! hahaha Darth Jellyfish! Now I have seen it all. :)

  2. Quit your job, start a career out of this - I love them. (heheheheh about the jellyfish!)

  3. BTW - I keep clicking on sakacon in hopes that it is a non-wedding forever Penga blog that I can start to stalk. It kind of breaks my heart every time :(

  4. So cute! I love the "Haole Skin Protection," haha! Now I'm jealous . . . my mom bought these gift bags from the dollar store that have daisies all over them (and don't really go with anything) to use for our OOT bags. I wish I would have done something like this instead! People are going to love them!

  5. I've never even thought of that! I love it! Will definitely need to include some kind of sun-protection for our guests come to think of it.

  6. @gator - lol! you found me. post-wedding blogs have to wait until post-wedding, silly ;)

    @ppg - Haha! Yes to random dollar store bags with seemingly no use! XD

    @choco - definitely! sak thought we should put some aloe too in case they DO get sunburnt, but i thought that was a little overkill.

  7. Your kits are super cute! AND sparkle band-aids? YAY! I threw in a "fun" one in my survival kits. Also, LOVE THE DARTH VADAR JELLY FISH. :-P