Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team Table-Tent Card

Well, Sak and team-table-tent-card won the place card war. We're just too out of time for anything more complicated at this point. But we can still make them pretty, no?
Okay, no not a real tent. Though that would be awesome.(source)

We printed out a sheet of names on white card stock, cut, and rounded the corners of each card.
Then we stamped and embossed the cards just to give ourselves an extra step of work.

Hey, we'd just be playing video games otherwise. This is slightly more productive.

Then we placed the cards in a simple black card stock square - which was photo-corner cut, Cuttlebug embossed and scored down the middle.


And the best part? You can stick the escort card bookmark behind the place card and it will still stand up!
Sak, giving me a look somewhere between "incredulous" and "utterly bewildered", said,"You can't seriously expect anyone to figure that out, right? Much less actually do that?"

No Sak, I do not. I'd have gone seriously overboard to demand people stand their bookmarks up. But I like the comforting feeling of knowing that one could find a place for their bookmark, if one felt they needed such a place.

Team table-tent card, where ya at? Did you decorate yours in any way?


  1. You entertain me so much. I love these and I'm always confused with these wedding terms such as "cuttlebug" ... whatever that is. These are so cute I see my name on your list... I really wish it was me and not some other Hannah!

  2. WOW!! The black cuttlebugged stands are AWESOME! And the stamping, how it sort of goes off the paper, is NEATO too. :]

  3. Those are really great. I spent a ton of time making escort cards but for place cards I just plan to use 3 green shades from paper source to identify each guest's meal choice. If I find myself with more time I'm totally using your idea!

  4. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

  5. Beautiful and inspirational on so many levels. First visit but will return.