Monday, July 5, 2010

Table Identification, Take 2

Last time, we made some cute computer-game styled table "numbers". But I was afraid they were a bit too confusing, and more than a bit pixellated.

So then I thought, hey, let's just use actual numbers. But not just any numbers. Useful numbers!

Okay, so maybe they aren't all that useful. They are different constants, conversions, and other common numbers used in science and engineering. And don't give me that look, I told you they'd be nerdy.

First, Sak and I came up with a list of different numbers we'd used in the past. Then he wrote up a little description of what each number was, and I followed it up with a little snippet about the two of us. I printed them out on card stock and cut them into circles.

Next, I took some red card stock and wrapped it in black ribbon, using double stick tape to secure it to the card.

Then I mounted the circular number to the card, wastefully using more double stick tape.

Although they are obviously not as cute as the game-cards, Sak really likes these. I'm hoping they'll be a little less confusing for our guests, since it's still a *number*. We'll stick these on the table number stands provided by our venue, and hope for the best!

What's your favorite math/science number?


  1. If by next time you do it the right way I expect for you to eat a PIE on PI day! We used to make them and bring them into math class in high school. I went to an entire school full of nerds... and may still be one now. (I still might celebrate Pi Day... shhh)

    Also - you should just get your MBA, I swear there's a little business student in there somewhere!!

    LOVE these!


  3. I love these! I think this is the most interesting/unique idea I have ever seen for table numbers. I love the little stories that go along with them, too. Great idea!

  4. That is amazingly nerdy! I love it!

  5. Penga says her comments are not working. This is a test.

  6. Very unique! I like the bold colors.

  7. LOVE IT! We're doing the similar educational table "animals"

  8. Very cute!! You might have noticed after putting these up, but the last one has a misprint on the story part. It says "and she promised she wouldn't tell the tell anyone. Oops"

    Just so you know!

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  10. ohh! they are back again! silly blogger.

    @gator - i've been thinking about an mba. but i am sooo lazy. i don't know!

    @az - yes! i do love your "numbers" very much!

    @kmattso - LOL! ahh! i did not see that! thanks for the catch! I'll have to correct it :)

  11. Cute! Our escort cards are similar - they coordinate with our Mizzou-themed table names. Inside each escort card explains the theme and why it's meaningful to us.

    They will be good conversation pieces, hopefully! Your numbers will be for sure!

  12. Wow, so geeky! Love it! A bit confusing to the non-geniuses, but I like it that guests can learn something new, not just about the newlyweds. :-)