Sunday, July 18, 2010

Matchy, Matchy!

Confession time. Sak and I..we like to match.

Okay, maybe it's not that weird compared to other things we do, like wearing costumes on days that are not Halloween. But we are that couple - the kind that love to show off their "coupleness" with matching colors, patterns, etc. And yes, I give you full permission to gag all you want.

Anyway, I was rummaging around the internet one day and I found this picture:

And I had to have it.

Double happiness matching honeymoon shirts?! Sign me up right now.

I grabbed an image from Wikipedia Commons...

Battlestar Galactica'ed each corner, and printed it out on iron-on transfer paper.

I feel like a cheater for using transfers, since we own a YUDU and all. But Sak convinced me that it would be a waste to burn a whole screen just for two shirts. And transfers aren't all that bad. I still have T-shirts I made in high school, and the transferred image is still in good shape. So I hope you'll forgive me for taking the easy route this time.

The trick to a good iron-on, in my opinion, is cutting it as close to the image as possible. That way it doesn't look like a big square of shiny when you transfer it. I left about a 1/4 inch allowance around the image to keep the image edges looking clean.

Sak pressed the image on with an iron for about three minutes. This was supposed to be just my project, since he had other things to do, but I seriously don't know how to use an iron. Homemaking 101, fail.

Instant shirts!

Yes, those are water stains. While trying to dump the water out of the iron, I accidentally splashed the ink of one of the characters. (See? Irons and I do not mix.) I went to reprint the whole thing, only to find out I had used all the red ink. Lovely. However, Sak said he really didn't care about the water marks, as he didn't think he'd be wearing the shirt that often anyway. So there it stays.

But I couldn't stop there, on the back, I decided we needed some booty-reading. We put the Japanese Kanji for "husband" on Sak's shirt. The word for husband is "otto". Apparently, the character can also be called "shujin", which means something like "master". For obvious reasons, this term is losing popularity.

My shirt says quite literally, in Katakana, "wifu". Obviously this is not the Japanese word for wife. Rather, it is the Japanese version of the English word, wife. The Japanese word is "tsuma", but I think I look more like a future wifu than a future tsuma. Sak agrees.

I also printed out the words "just married", in English, but I don't know if I want to use them or not. It seems a bit like overkill. What do you think?

The plan is to wear these the morning after our wedding, as we travel to Japan. Since they are nice, big T-shirts, they should be comfortable enough for the 9 hour flight. And we'll match! How fun!

Will you and your future spouse have "just married" shirts? Does anyone else like to play "the matching couple"?


  1. Super cute! My fiance would never agree to match me, but I think this is such a great idea for your "en route to honeymoon" attire.

  2. Oh my husband (still getting used to saying that) likes to match with me but up to a point. Like if I was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans, he'd wear a white t.shirt and blue jeans. Cute t- shirts.

  3. those are so cute. and i have to agree with sak that (a) the water stains aren't a big deal and (b) better not be wasting a yudu burn on that. how has the yudu been working out for you overall?

  4. @jem - hehe! glad I am not the only one with a matchy man!

    @tamar - i really like the yudu, actually. BUT it is a big huge monster and a pain in the butt to get everything "set up". once all the screens and stuff are prepped though, it's a smooth process! So i guess it's really just a matter of deciding what's worth the set-up time and what isn't. And also - don't buy the yudu ink/emulsion remover. it's much cheaper to buy speedball brand, and you get a whole lot more! I know there's also a different brand of emulsion sheets that are cheaper than the YUDU brand as well, but I haven't tried them out yet.

  5. HAHAH. Wow. Well I secretly enjoy matching but am socially embarassed to. :-P Those are cute! I like how it's sort of subtle. And not like blatantly "JUST MARRIED." Though that might be so in Japan. haha.

  6. Patrick and I love being matchy-matchy! Okay, me more so than Patrick. But I think we've been together so long that we often match by accident. I would totally wear matching shirts on our honeymoon. You guys are adorable! Oh and I just told Patrick that you used Battlestar Gallactica as a verb and he grinned from ear to ear and said, "Niiiice!" We are huge BSG nerds. :)