Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Button Brigade Part 2

Last time, Sak demonstrated how to use his beloved button-pin maker. Well, eventually I sat my lazy self in front of Photoshop and came up with some designs he could use.

And one day and many sore fingers later, over 200 buttons were born.

I only wish we had used a laser printer for better results. My poor, tired ink jet couldn't quite get us to the smooth sleek finish we were looking for. But oh well. Here they are in all their buttony-goodness anyway!
Mons and a double happiness character, of course.

For the bridal party, too. Somehow we repressed our inner-mean-sibling and kept the names nice and insult-free.

I've been on something of a Pokemon kick for..uh, the past 10 years or so. Sak restrained me from adding any Mudkips to the design.

The Japanese on the right says "doki doki", which in manga usually refers to a beating heart. You know, when the person you love walks by and makes your heart pound! We also endorse wedding-snogging, apparently.

Pardon the glare - the leftmost button says "camera ninja". We have quite a few photographers in the family. Sak wishes some of them had more ninja stealth.

Not only are these pretty cool sayings, but they're anime references as well! "love and peace" is Vash's famous line from the classic, Trigun. I'm not really sure where "hip and cool" came from, but Sak and I use the phrase quite often. I'm guessing it originated from the anime Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, where Guu dons an afro made from chest hair. Yep.

And if you haven't had enough obscurity yet, here's a capacitor and a diode holding hands.

The majority of the buttons are made up of the mons, and I plan on using them to attach our escort cards to something cork-related. The rest will sit on the tables, for guests to take, wear, or decorate their chair-cover-bag with.

I realize we have no Star Wars references, which is a bit shameful. No references to bacon or Rick Astley either. As much as I love our buttons, it irritates me to know there are a billion "hip & cool" ideas still waiting out there. But maybe we should call it a day and leave the continued button-brainstorming for future conventions and parties. Sak would probably appreciate the "to do" list getting smaller rather than larger for once.

Any other nerdy, obscure ideas that we absolutely must use now?


  1. These are so great! I would love to get one of these buttons as a guest. The "kiss me, I'm at a wedding" button is my favorite.

  2. okay okay... I used to collect buttons when I was a little punk rock kid in high school so I really want you to make more and just send them straight to Florida.
    Okay, you hear me? Its your wedding month and I'm being selfish and want cool buttons.

    (kudos. these are cute)


    hahah the capacitor and a diode holding hands one was cute.

    I think you should..... MAKE MORE.... and then open an Esty store and sell them. YAY brilliant idea!! :-P

  4. "Kiss me - I'm at a wedding" is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I think I need to steal that for a photobooth prop sign!