Thursday, July 1, 2010

Card Contemplation

Writing thank you cards is really an interesting process. Here's some observations I've had recently:

1) It is really, really hard to get out of the "I" mode. I'll start writing, "We really appreciate..blah blah..." and then as I continue on, eventually I'll accidentally write an "I" statement. "I can't wait.." or "I hope you can join us". This whole "we" thinking is really a bigger transition than I thought. Or should that be a "we" thought?

2) I write really small. And I hate blank spaces. Which is why gift cards and cash gifts are the bane of my writing-existence. I have about three cards which I refuse to sign and seal because of this wide gap of blank space. What else do you write? Sak says I should just draw something in the space. Maybe I should.

3) I was really big on the whole equal-division-of-labor thing. Until I realized Sak's idea of thank you cards is the same two sentences over and over. "Thank you for the generous gift. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness". Absolutely no variety whatsoever. And his handwriting is atrocious. He and I are both content in his position as just a name-signer.

4) The longer I write, the sillier the cards seem to become. I actually wrote "We really like cheese!" in one of them. I've restricted myself to no more than 3 cards a day because of this.

5) Group gifts are kind of confusing. I write one thank you card to each person in the group, but do I keep the messages all the same?

6) Make sure you like your thank you card design. It helps motivate me to write in a card I like for some reason. Or maybe it's just because I'm older now? In any case, I didn't find writing boring-design graduation cards this interesting.

What have you noticed about yourself, your SO, or the world in general while writing thank you cards?

p.s. We're now officially in the wedding month! How...frightful? exciting? relieving? I'm not quite sure how I feel. Or "we" feel.


  1. 1) Don't worry about the I/we thing - no one cares. Well someone - you.

    2) Start more towards the middle of the card - this way you know that your 2 lines will take up the middle. Thought that counts - not number/size of words.

    3) I've read a lot that only one person should write & sign each card so if he can't do his half make him address (maybe with a printer?), enclose, stamp and mail. I guess its just odd to have a random signature. You're not even supposed to write "Penga & Sak" - just the name of the person writing it!

    4) I like the silly ones, I think they realize that you're a production line of cards and it really is the thought that counts.

    5) If the group was all there - write something about seeing them there or something you've done with them recently. Thank you cards aren't about the gifts given, its about all those other things too. Give a shout out about something non shower related if they weren't able to attend.


  2. @gator - haha! reaaaly? i had no idea only one person was supposed to sign the card. And yes, i think starting in the middle would be a good idea! that's genius!

    and yes! i stole your ty card idea, because it was such a good idea! love! :D

  3. For #2... I think you should then draw a PICTURE!!! :-D Esp since you draw SO well. :-D It'll be very you, and I mean you guys. ;]

  4. And congrats on it being... JULY!!! It will go by quickly friend! :]

  5. wow I guess we did it wrong- we both signed them!

  6. We've received a few early wedding gifts. I want to write Ty cards now followed by a second "thanks for coming" card after, but FI prefers just waiting till after the wedding. But I have nicer handwriting so I win!