Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Tissue Packets

Sometimes, I feel like I'll really miss this wedding planning business. I've had so many amazing conversations with Sak during the process. Sure, some of them involved fighting, but there were also plenty with riotous laughing and victory dances around the living room.

Take, for instance, this super cute "tears of joy" project by the talented Mrs. Sunrise:

I was instantly smitten, and wrote "tissue packets" up on my pet-project list.

As soon as all our "required" projects were completed, I followed Mrs. Sunrise's tutorial, and gathered my supplies.

I won't rehash her step-by-step process, but I added some red ribbon and a little image to about 40 packets of Target brand tissue.

Now, what does this have to do with Sak? Well, see for yourself:
The importance of tissue packets as told by Sak. True conversation.

The funny thing is, Sak probably has a point. I will be one surprised Penga if anyone starts crying. We come from rather unemotional families. But there are more than enough people with chronic allergies. So it's not too far-fetched.

Anyway, just another sweet, cute idea - ruined by a couple of nerds with too much pre-wedding time on their hands. I love it, and even better - Sak loves it.

Are your guests more likely to sneeze from flower pollen, or from flowery sentiments of love?


  1. Love the cartoon! I nixed this project when I realized that neither of our families are overly-expressive, either. But I never considered allergies! Genius :)

  2. LOVE! haha. Yeah, I thought Bee's tissues were so cute and wanted to make them but then I knew no one would really cry. :oP So I threw out that idea. :-P We do have allergies though! (And it was outdoors...)

  3. those are awesome. sak needs his own tv show.

  4. 'allergies of joy' lolz I'm going to be laughing about that for weeks.

  5. Hehehe!!! I love your little comic! Sooo cute! Sak is a funny guy. I didn't think we would have many criers at my wedding, but surprisingly, we did! So my tissues really came in handy! My sisters and a bunch of my cousins and aunts bawled during the father/daughter dance. Most likely because I was crying! Haha. But that story will come in recaps soon. Why do pro pics take forever??! I'm itching to just post all the guest photos from our flickr site!

    Ahh it's almost time for you, Missy! Less than 2 weeks to go. Getting excited? Nervous? I was a big ball of nerves and stress the last few weeks. Hopefully that is not the case with you guys. I'm so excited for you and really wish we could have made plans to come out there. Still sad that we couldn't afford a honeymoon... but that's okay, we'll make it to Hawaii one day! :) I wish you the very best and hope that the rest of your planning goes smoothly.

  6. @bee - yess yess i want to see your pro pics too! (i think we all do!)

    And I am nervous, but only because I have some pita vendors that insist on making life difficult! blrugh. Otherwise I'm reaaaaddddy to gooooo already! SF weather is the pits right now. And yes, you must must must make it to Hawaii someday!

  7. PENGA!!!! THESE ARE FABULOUS!!! I LOVE THEM and yes those were all caps because I honestly had to pick my mouth up off the floor! I was yelling at the computer about how fab they are!!!! So unique!

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