Monday, July 12, 2010


Since I ended up watching* The Godfather last night (for the first time) instead of blogging properly, I thought I'd start Monday off with a few wedding-related thoughts I've been having lately. They may or may not turn into rants - no guarantees.

- Yesterday I ate, in no particular order: day-old crab salad, a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal with soy milk, three glasses of chocolate soy milk, a deli sandwich, two Vietnamese rice sponge cake things dyed green and pink, a stack of water crackers with pesto put on top, some dried apple slices and a chocolate cookie. And today I feel sick. I don't know why I'm eating so weirdly lately. Sak makes normal dinner, but for some reason I just don't feel like eating "normally". Maybe it's the stress? I can't eat a lot at once, so I make up for it by snacking. In any case, I feel gross and it's looking like I won't break 130 pounds by the time we leave. Not at this rate, anyway.

- We had our first rsvp'ed guest cancel on us, news courtesy a third party. And then my mother had to listen about how disappointed said guest was to lose frequent flier miles, but how exciting the other plans were. By the tone of mom's response email, I'd say there's no action necessary on my part now. Wedding drama both fascinates and scares me at the same time.

- So we had a cancel, but then! To make up for it, we found out the DJ is bringing THREE people! Please someone, tell me why you need three people to man a DJ booth, where there will be only music, and no emceeing? And please tell me why they never told us before, and why we never got a contract, and why we still have no idea what they plan on playing? Oh wait. That's right. Friendor. It's a good thing I thought to ask them who was coming. And they sent the response to Sak's dad. Lovely. I decided I would not make them place cards. That made me feel a little better.

- I get waaaay too excited about little details, apparently. I giggled for about an hour straight after printing out our contact info for the out-of-town bags. I'll share them with you later, but I'm pretty sure I'm just loony at this point.

- Sak has nearly all our hotels booked for Japan now, and I'm super pumped! I think we're staying in one of each type of hotel, pretty much. Standard western, Ryokan with private onsen (I'm too prudish to bathe with other women), and capsule! The capsule hotel should be interesting. It is TINY. And I like how Sak wrote "it's our honeymoon! :)" in the comment section while booking. The reception-person probably thinks he's the cheapest future-husband ever. But we've got to balance out that $300/night ryokan somehow. Oosh.

- My parents have decided that their wedding gift to us will be to clean our house while we're in Japan. I think they are sick of coming over and having absolutely no where to sit. It's a permanent wedding-tornado. Pretty much the best gift idea ever, in my opinion, but Sak is pretty wary. I think he's afraid someone will throw away all his stuff while we are gone. Mom will have to promise not to toss anything before he'll be okay with this idea.

- I haven't been able to keep up with the blogs very well, lately. And it drives me crazy to see all the unread items in my reader. I apologize if it seems I don't comment much. Even though the to-do list is dwindling down (finally), I still feel like I have no time at all. Where's the mythical pre-wedding peace, eh?!

- And speaking of blogs, Sak and I have been discussing what role blogging will have in my/our future. I think it's pretty clear that I enjoy it, and he definitely enjoys reading the comments you all leave. He likes to suggest topics, too. So I think I'll continue. But I haven't figured out what, if any, the focus would be. General nerd life? Would you all unlist me for that? haha. I've always wanted to do a web comic. But I think I want to continue to draw for others rather than just myself. It's just more fun/interesting to me. Plus I get so excited when someone uses my art to make something cool. Bee, Gator, Pretzel! I'm talking about you. :)

Hopefully we'll be back to the regularly-scheduled posting soon, but thanks for bearing with me through another mind-vent. I think it's healthy to get it out there, sometimes - and to know that Sak and I (nor any other couple) are purely project-producing robots :)

*I kind of wigged out after the horse-thing, and then tuned out temporarily in the middle while battling photoshop and our old, dying computer. When I returned, someone was in Italy and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Bummer, since I was hoping to see why so many people *love* the movie.


  1. I'm scared to DEATH of that movie. I've seen parts of part 2 and its enough for me, forever.

    I will follow whatever blog you create. I do hope you share your anime engineering life with me as its a window to a pretty awesome word. And you teach me more than I ever learned in college. If only professors used Google Reader to distribute notes. I'd be a four o student.

    On another note, wait until I post about those thank you cards. I had lofty goals of using our "thank you" picture at the wedding but I found an even better alternative. And we kinda, mighta used your artwork in another un-blogged wedding related project. BUT I'll get to those in due time.

    Can't believe you're getting married SO SOON! YAY!

  2. Don't stop blogging after the wedding - you're one of my favorite blogger reads! Webcomic, nerd life, whatever...I'm sure it'll be worth the read! Good luck finding the pre-wedding zen...

  3. Good luck with all the final projects, and your honeymoon sounds like it will be amazing! I've always wanted to go to japan. And I would definitely read a blog about general nerd humor. It will help me relate to my fiancé better :p

  4. I too have been on/off the blog scene these last few weeks and miss reading and posting regularly! I for one would love to read about your lives post wedding so I hope you decie to keep blogging!

  5. KEEEEEEP blogging please! Your pre-wedding peace comes... post wedding. hahah. Glad details are coming together for Japan! That's so exciting. The wedding was super fun but the honeymoon was better! haha. You'll just to enjoy it :] And not to worry to much.

  6. I didn't even start blogging until after my wedding! I hope you continue to blog!!! I love all your creative projects and I am sure you will find your newlywed life is full of similar opportunities to do crafts ;) Plus we all want re-caps!!!

  7. aww, i heart you bloggers, and I'm really glad you don't mind the nerdy stuff XD

    and yes, gator - i totally agree. class notes via reader would be something I'd probably actually read. :)

    and alvina, I'm glad the wedding peace comes eventually! lol. *sigh*