Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of Town, On an Island

A while back, I debated on what sort of out-of-town bags we should use. Well, to bring that story arc to a close, I decided to order the Hawaiian print totes.

They were cheap, cute, and I'm under the belief that one can never have too many bags.

Just for fun, we blinged them out a bit with some more buttons. Beachy-themed, of course.

Kudos to you if you "get" the very obscure reference on the bottom right button!

I put three buttons to the corner of each bag. Does that fill the "flair" quota for the day?

Inside the bag we'll include our welcome cards, in which we thanked our guests for coming.

And inside the welcome card I threw in this little bit of folded card stock:

I recycled an image I doodled for the blog a while back for the front. Doesn't it look like I just scribbled it on with a big, fat marker? Hehe. Sak didn't understand why this little scrap made me so happy. I think I've just been in planning-mode far too long. I'm losing my mind.

Sadly, our bags come to an abrupt end for now, as we plan to fill them in Hawaii. On the list of things to include, however:

-A bottle of sunscreen
-A bamboo beach mat
-A box of Hawaiian shortbread cookies
(source) I wish I could afford these most amazing cookies. Maybe if I buy in bulk?

-A package of ultra-strong-soy-sauce-infused rice crackers

-Various pamphlets to Oahu attractions
-Some water bottles

Now, water bottles. I've had the water-bottle label on the pet-project list since day one. And luckily, I still had time for it! First, I created an 8.5x2" design.

We had it laser printed at Kinko's, and then we cut them out!

I'll just tape them onto some Hawaiian water bottles once we're there, like this:

Anything else I should add to our goodie bags? What's in yours, if you're assembling any?


  1. Dear Penga - Please, please, please, please, please invite me to your wedding. Please.


  2. I love those water bottle labels! I have no computer skillz, so I found someone else's template online and used that one. Yours are way more unique and fun. I'd love to get an OOT bag like this one.

  3. Cute new buttons.

    Have you seen the "fill-your-own-box" from Honolulu Shortbread Company?! It's like $4 for 5 cookies in a small cute little box. And then it goes up to a 10 cookie box for like $7? And you get to pick and choose which flavors!

    These heart shaped ones are SO cute:

    Their bulk prices are definitely better than the pick-your-own-boxes... and those were one of the better deals in the store (we calculated. haha)

  4. I meant, Honolulu Cookie Company :-P

  5. those are great! Wow. Every time you put up a project I am impressed. Those soy sauce cookies look good! Are you adding any macadamia anything? That is what I think of when I think of Hawaii!

  6. @alvina - i might have to look into that bulk option then. I didn't want to be lame and only give our guests like, 2 cookies cause we're cheap! haha.

    @tova - OHHH. GOOD CATCH. how could i forget the nuts?! Will add, thanks!!