Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10% Chance of Showers

Sak and I had no plans of any pre-wedding parties. No engagement parties, showers or bachelor festivities - since we already felt bad enough asking people to fly to Hawaii.

So we were a bit surprised to see an e-vite to a co-ed wedding shower. I guess we'd be doing some of this after all!

However, when we looked at the invitation, we noticed it was sent to our entire church. The entire church that we hadn't invited to the wedding.

"WHATAREYOUDOINGNONONONONONOPLEASENO!" Said a very guilty Penga to her Bible study leader/party organizer.

Luckily, the party was moved to her house, and it was mainly just our study group that attended. Upon their request, I also invited my parents, who took some awesome photos that I can now blog about. Thanks parents!

For food, we had cute little sandwiches in all sorts of different flavors, brie and other delicious snacks.

Salmon, our favorite!

Peng-Sister was her loving self, as usual.
"L" is for "Love", right?

Anyway (and luckily), they kept the games tame and light on embarrassment! First they had a "how well do you know Sak and Penga" quiz. It was multiple choice, and some of the choices were pretty funny.

Next, we played a really hard game, where we had to guess the celebrity couples based on images of just their eyes.

Sak and I need to read more People magazine or something, because we got only 5 right out of a possible 20. At least we got Tom & Katie and Angelina & Brad, we're not total failures, right?

The last game was a guess-the-love-song and artist based on a small sample of the tune. We did pretty well, provided they were mostly 60's songs. Had they been 80's songs we would have won, for sure. And for each game, they awarded gift card prizes to the winners. The second place person would get a prize too, but it would be something silly, like toilet paper or soap!

When games finished, dessert was up next. Our hosts really splurged for us, because what came next was some Sibby's! The super-cute cupcakes where iced in our colors, even. I tried snicker doodle, lemon meringue, red velvet and chocolate flavors. Yum.

Sak and I practiced feeding each other. It wasn't a total success.

And lastly, there were gifts to be opened. Though we did not register, and they pestered us for days to see what we wanted, I'm honestly glad we didn't give in. They have much better taste than we do, and Sak and I are totally not picky about anything. Plus someone got us both a Star Wars book and a massage book. Because, you know - they don't make Star Wars massage books. Yet. That kind of creativity just doesn't come with a registry, I'm thinking.

My plate bow bouquet!

And lastly, one super-creative guest made cookie favors for everyone:
Hey, that image looks pretty familiar..

Anyone else humbled with a surprise shower? And is anyone else a no-registry couple?


  1. Wow that is really awesome. And brie? And smoked salmon sammies? Friggin' yum! I was amazed when my co-worker & his wife hosted us an engagement party and it was really fun.

  2. So awesome! I love your outfit and I'm jealous of your long and luscious locks :) One of my bridesmaids is holding an Indian-sort of wedding shower for us, called a "kelvan." But she invited two people that aren't invited to the wedding. Doh! I'm crossing my fingers that they won't show up since we are not super-close to them.

    Sounds like your shower was a blast, and Sibby's cupcakes are to-die-for delicious!

  3. I'm not expecting a shower either. I don't need "stuff," so it's cool :)

    Since feeding other cake didn't go as well as you hoped, here's a cheat: You extend the piece of cake an inch or two from your beloved's face and pause. They have to lean in to take a bite. That way you don't have to aim as accurately, just sorta keep your arm still!

  4. I didn't really care about the friends shower but I really wanted the family one. Its very rare in my family for just the gals to get together so it was nice to have an afternoon for just the women in my family to hang out and have a good time. I loved it - and I'm still opening presents from it! (Our little kitchen can't keep up!)

  5. Looks like an awesome shower! :o)

  6. Cute shower, cute cupcakes. Your lil sis should show "love" on your wedding day too. HAH :-P