Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cordially Invited Part 2

Alright, time for the nuts and bolts, trials and errors, and grand scheming of these invitation things.

Since they don't have the black linen card stock in anything bigger than an 8.5 x 11", we are stuck making a squattier pocket fold. I think the general consensus is to use at least a 17" long piece, but oh well.

This means the pocket will have to be glued on as a separate piece of paper.

First, cut the black card stock down to size.

Second, take the strip of washi paper and glue it down the side of the card stock.

Third, Cut out the pocket

Fourth, stamp the pocket with some sort of signature stamp. In this case, I think we'll use the double happiness.

We put some clear embossing gel on the stamp, since it seemed to work better than normal stamp pad ink.

Stamp it down! Then pour the fairy dust on top! (aka embossing powder)

Shake the extra back into the container, and get rid of any stray particles.

Heat it up til it becomes raised and shiny!

Workin' that camera macro setting!

Fifth, glue the pocket onto the base with glue strips. For the test I only used repositionable tape though, since I wasn't sure if I liked the design. I think I will change the sizing on the pocket, and have it flush with the base edges for the final product. Or maybe have some flaps of some sort.

Sixth, Take the main invite body and glue it down in the middle. All done!

We'll work on the inserts and outsides later. Does it need more pizazz? After learning how awesome embossing was, I was half-inclined to stamp all over the paper. Sak put his foot down on that though. Just gotta KISS (keep it simple, stupid!), I guess.

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  1. wow! those are amazing! you guys are truly impressive.