Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reception Intro

For a myriad of reasons, there won't be a whole lot of dancing at our reception. But neither do I want guests to just eat and leave. We'll have to provide some alternative entertainment.

And just for the record - there are endless things you can do at weddings besides dancing. Endless.

For starters, we'll be showing a skit. (I think, if all goes well..)

A skit, you ask? Like at summer camp? Yeah, something like that. I want to open up the night with a little shock-therapy for those that don't know us that well. Sort of a statement saying, "This is who we really are. Yes, we are that weird".

Okay, so it's kind of hard to explain with just words. Here's some visual examples I found on Youtube instead:

I think something like this would be a hilarious way to start the reception off on the right foot. I should also give credit to my amazing and newly married friend whom I shamelessly stole the idea from once again. She did a skit "Dancing with the Stars" style, with her parents and inlaws and sisters. It was super cute and very entertaining.

Though I think mine is leaning less on the cute side and more on the funny (or at least ridiculous) side.

Like any good would-be director, I started writing a script.

Now I've never made a movie before, so I think this will be quite interesting. I'll want to have the script finalized by Thanksgiving so I can start filming my family members in between bites of Honey Baked Ham and pumpkin pie.

Want to see a teaser? Here's the rough draft for scene 1:

Sak is sleeping in bed. He wakes up to the sound of ominous music. Obi-wan appears; Sak is startled.

Obi-wan: Luke…Luke… You are to go to the Dagobah system…
Sak: That’s not my name. My name is Sak.

Obi-wan blinks, confused for a minute.

Obi-wan: Oh, I knew that.
Sak: How’d you get in my room?
Obi-wan: (waves his hand around) Nevermind that! I’m here to give you a mission.

Sak waits expectantly.

Obi-wan: You are to find the Holy Matrimony! It is your destiny!

Sak jumps out of bed and stands in a battle-ready stance.

Sak: You’re still kind of creepy, but I feel compelled to say OKAY!

Sak looks down at himself.

Sak: But um, I think I should change out of my pajamas first.

Obi-wan taps Sak with a lightsaber, and in the next frame Sak is wearing “adventurer clothes”. Sak looks down at himself again.

Sak: Wow, awesome!
Obi-wan: May the force be with you!

Obi-wan disappears magically.

(I think at the end of the film, Sak and I can do our first dance to the ending credits..maybe.)

Anyone else incorporating pre-recorded video into their wedding?

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