Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oink Oink!
Vegans and Veggies please advert thine eyes - this is a post full of pork!

Last night Sak and I stood in a crazy long line out in the Daly City cold to retrieve our Thanksgiving prize. Honeybaked Ham.

Since we've moved to the Bay Area, we've taken it upon ourselves to provide the glazed and salty goodness for Thanksgiving dinner each year. Two 8 pound hams, one for each side of my family, along with the to-die-for champagne dipping mustard.

(Unfortunately, Sak's family is overseas, so it's a bit impractical to get hams for his family as well.)

In any case, we love pork. Ham in sandwiches, ham and beans, char sui, pork ribs, you name it. Not quite a Ponyo-like obsession, but close.


So it's not a stretch when I say we want a roast pig at our wedding. You know, the whole pig. Lechon.

Crispy, salty deliciousness.

As they are expensive, you don't see them around unless there's a celebration. Well guess what, a wedding IS a celebration! So I have the perfect excuse.

And since it's Hawaii, pig roasts are common and culturally acceptable. So we have the perfect means.

Now I just need to find out whether our reception catering can supply it. It's on the menu, but there's no price listed. I'm guessing about $100 (that seems to be the going rate at the local Chinese market anyway). That's not too bad for a mouth-watering spread. And there are no vegans or veggies in the house, so I'm not too worried about offending anyone with my carnal gluttony.

As always, click images for their sources!

And on that note - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. two of my friends were talking about how they had roast pig for thanksgiving. in fact, they were boasting. my mouth is watering.