Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The "Moment"

Brides-to-be start sobbing hysterically when the dream dress is found - when the perfect music is selected, or when the ring lands on the finger.

"It's really happening!" They gasp through happy tears. Does this sound like you? Unfortunately, it sounds more like my mother than myself. She's cried at wedding pictures of people she's never even met, and finds her greatest joy in life is to create sappy slideshows that leave whole rooms bawling.

I'm not an overly emotional person. Maybe it was all the black and white, straight-forward math and science in school. Maybe it was the Asian upbringing. Maybe it's because I'm marrying a man with the emotional capability of a robot.

Just your average sensitive Tetris blocks.

But you know what? I had it.

I had it. You know, that moment of extreme, glowy-bridal-gush.

No. It wasn't from the Victoria Secret Bride-undies from my dear Aunt, though those are quite awesome.

No, it came in the form of a sweet, dear, dear friend of mine. She's amazingly creative, and made these for Sak and I:

Plushies of wedding-day Kerero and Tamama*, from Kerero Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)!
Now, aside from being adorably cute, these characters hold special significance for us...

Back in 2007, Sak and I cosplayed as Kero and Tama for Fanime, the anime convention held in San Jose each year and also the place of our dating anniversary.

Though I didn't let it show to my friends, my heart wrenched up into a big knot, falling out into a big, mushy, sobby mess after everyone had left. Realization had sunk in, I'm getting married. And not just to anyone, but to someone who loves me enough to make and wear all my crazy costume ideas.

So for me, the emotional watershed came not with the proposal, and not with the dress, but rather a plushie reminder of our past together.

Have you had "the moment" yet? What triggered it for you?

*And yes, for those of you in the "know", I'm aware that Tamama is actually a little boy, much younger than Kero, and that his professed love for Kero is actually one of hero-worship, not romantic involvement. But eh, we can let that slide, yeah?

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