Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cakie! - Hats

I've talked a little bit about overall cake designs, but today let's just concentrate on the fun part - the topper.

Pretty much anything you can think of can be made into a cake topper. Here's my shortlist:

-Custom wooden people
I picked these little guys up at Michael's for about a dollar or so. It would be simple enough to paint them into a Sak and Peng, and would end up looking maybe something like this:
(click image for source)

-Anime figurines
Oh, there's ton of potential here. Link and Zelda, Shinji and Asuka/Rei/Misato/Kaoru, Lelouch and CC..Somehow I don't think we really identify with the more iconic "couples". Maybe more with Otani and Risa, or Nodame and Chiaki. Maybe we'll go back to Tamama and Keroro, even.
How would this look on a cake? I bought this one from Fanime for $5 a few years ago.

Can't go wrong here, a pretty bunch of flowers on top of a cake is gorgeous, though not high up the personality scale.
(Click image for source)

-Little IC people
(click image for source)

I had this weird thought of using big fatty IC chips and making them look like little people-bugs by bending the pins into feet and hands (Like the "bugs" above, only standing up like "people"). Draw a face on with paint, and voila? Unfortunately, I doubt I could find chips big enough, and we might run into the "contains lead" problem again.

-Hawaiian Salt & Pepper Shakers
(click image for source)

This seems to be the standard cake topper for the Hawaiian bride. It's so cute! But not really indicative of Sak and I. Neither of us are even close to being that tan. *sigh*.

What kind of hat does your cake get to wear?

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