Monday, November 23, 2009

DIY Program Idea

Our church does a holiday women's luncheon every year, where they have a guest speaker, delicious catered food, and plenty of favors. This year I was tasked with making the devotional booklets, which are completely cute and clever. If I put on my wedding-hat (not that it's ever off, these days), I could easily see these become snazzy little program books.

First we start with a bunch of pre-made cards. These are actually all samples from some printing company, such a great way to recycle!

But, since they are samples, they have this funky "order me" text on the inside. So we'll glue over it with the last page of the booklet.

Next, punch out two holes at the top of the book pages.

And also in the card itself.

Now stick the pages inside and tie the package together with a little ribbon bow.

Score the top of the card and bend it up for easy viewing.

That's it! Simple, eh?
But if you had some fancy cards for cover art, I bet it would look pretty cool.

Just to note - I probably won't use this method for my programs, since the comic pages will need to be bigger than the average greeting card size. But I still like the concept. :)

Now time to finish 50 more!

Anyone else inspired by non-wedding DIY projects? Is it purely a result of constantly having "wedding" on the brain?


  1. This is such a great idea! How very green of you! I just might have to steal this one from you.

  2. Steal away! It's a good use of old cards, that's for sure! :D