Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bridal Pillbox?

Happy 1st of November!

Sak and I hosted a small Halloween party last night, in which we donned our newly created steampunk costumes.

My favorite part of the costume (other than swishing around in my bustled skirt!) was the pillbox hat. I followed this video on Threadbangers to get the basic shape:

Now, that got me thinking, how cool would it be to have a bridal pillbox hat too? Maybe not for the ceremony or anything, but just for fun? I could easily use leftover scraps from my dress, and they are just so fun!

How gorgeous is this?

Tons of lovely feathers!

How about a beautiful shot like this?

This one looks a lot like that giant statement-star we made earlier!

(As always, click images for their source)

Anyone else wearing a hat with their wedding dress? Just for fun, or as part of your wedding-day attire?

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