Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DIY Shoe Hats

A week or so ago my mother went ahead and ordered my suede red flats from Target (along with a slew of bathing suits and tropical-wear for my stylish little sis).

Though they are lovely shoes, I think they need a hat. Anyone want to make some shoe-hats as well?

Let's round up some supplies.
We've got some felt, paper clips, assorted pearls/beads,lace, white feathers, craft glue/glue gun, wire/wire tools, and red jeweled centerpiece beads. Though you can use pretty much whatever you have lying around.

Take a piece of felt (or any other sturdy material, even cardboard would work) and glue it onto half of the paperclip. Now, it doesn't have to be a paperclip...In fact, I think most people use actual shoe clip bases, or clip-on earring bases. But I don't have those lying around, and this is a lying-around tutorial.

Also, I used the craft glue on this particular paperclip, but later ended up using only the hot glue, because I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for it to dry. Make sure you put glue all over the felt, so if you need to trim the felt later, the whole thing doesn't fall apart. In any case, fold it over and let it dry together.

Now just stick a dab of hot glue on your newly made base, and throw whatever you want on top. That's pretty much it. Easy huh? When you're finished, simply bend the other half of the paper clip back to it's original position and stick on your shoe. If it's loose, bend the clip in more so it creates more tension on the shoe.

Feathers! Though I think mine were a little too unwieldy... (and it made a MESS!)

A quick and dirty lace flower. I simply dabbed hot glue on the ends of the lace, coiled it around twice and that was it.
This would probably look more elegant if you did a running stitch through the ribbon for a nice gathered look. If I go with this one, I'd also make the flower larger, or add a few extra around the sides for a clustered look.

A little bead action...but I think this looks a little too much like a happy face, don't you? Let's try without the drapery at the bottom:

A pre-made wing patch I found...A little big for the shoe though.

A home-made wing. Sak bent some wire into the shape of a wing for me. I backed it in white felt, and glued some beads along the frame. The idea being that both feet together would complete the wing "set".

A similar wing, this time with beads threaded onto the wire, and no felt backing.

You can still see the white felt base on most these pieces, so on the finished product I'll have to do a better job trimming it down to size.

Which one is your favorite? Any other ideas for shoe hats? Maybe a nice silk flower or giant pendant...the possibilities are endless!

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