Saturday, March 27, 2010

Red Paint and White Lies

Right off the bat - our red, black and white color scheme was picked. Because it's manly, easy to find, and it matches our home (as much as one could match a home full of anime).

Done deal, right? Not so much. The bakery asked what shade of red to make our red ribbon. The florist wanted to know how dark a red rose to use in our bouquets. My mother asked what hue of red my sister's dress needed to be. Sak's brother wanted to make sure his red tie matched the red in the invitations.

Okay, he didn't really ask that last one, but you get the point. Does shade matter? It's debateable. For me, exact matches aren't as important, but since they were asking...

"Rice bowl red."

That's the shade of red I had in my head. See, it's all in the same ballpark as everything else:

But even though it made sense to me, the professionals still advised me to go to Home Depot and find a paint color name.

Fine, whatever. Taking the rice bowl with him, Sak went to grab some paint chips. In his fear of being a deviant paint-sample theif who had no plans of buying any paint, he probably looked pretty guilty. When the salesperson asked the shifty-looking groom if he needed any help, Sak made up some elaborate story about how he was going to paint his non-existent home. Smooth. Since, you know - everyone chooses the color of their walls based on their tableware.

Indiscreet red. And with Sak's indiscreet painting-lies, I think it fits in a somewhat ironic way.

So there you have it, four months away from our wedding and we finally have an official color.

What's your official color name? High fives to you if it's completely random! And did you lie at the paint store, or tell them the truth about collecting wedding swatches?


  1. Haha I basically avoided eye contact with any salespeople :-P

    I don't think if anything is really the same color. o_O Esp our shade of green. Dang it.

  2. Indiscreet red! Nice.

    I ignored any opportunity for eye contact and just grabbed away...unfortunately none of the chips that I grabbed were a good match for any of the already purchased stuff. So year, like Alvina (above) said, none of it is really the same color. Oh well.

  3. Haha, I can totally imagine him there looking totally guilty and obviously lying! So funny, and I love the name of the color!!
    We're going with 'shades of blue' so we don't have this problem, I guess I'm just too lazy to go to home depot!