Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Hosiery

Does anyone still wear pantyhose? Stockings? Tights?

I'll wear knee-highs or with particulary ill-fitting shoes, but that's about it. I find hose to be a little too itchy and full-of-hassle to wear all the time. According to Wikipedia, the purpose of pantyhose is to "be fashionable, ease chafing between the foot and footwear, keep the legs and feet warm, [and] hide physical imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair, or varicose veins".

Those are good reasons, but here's an even better one:
Tattoo stockings!

(source for all above images)

For those of us aren't too keen on getting a real tattoo, but still love the artsy look - this would be a great alternative. And I could easily see how it could be turned "bridal", with the right image or words. Give your husband something funny to read as he reached up your leg for that garter? Have something drawn in for your "something blue"? It could be lots of fun!

Anyway, there's even a simple DIY route - all you need is a Sharpie pen and some hose!

I'm super tempted to try this out - but I'm pretty sure pantyhose would be overkill in hot hawaii weather under layers of dress.

Are you planning on wearing some hose? What would be a cool faux bridal tattoo?


  1. Oh wow!! That's a new idea! :] I've seen shows on tv where guys wear "tattoo sleeves" like that. haha.

    That could be interesting for someone who might want to .... remember someone, like "In Memory of..." But I don't know if that's weird going up the leg or something.

  2. Pantyhose and heat do not go well together :)

  3. That is so cool. I wouldn't do it for my wedding because I'll have on plenty of layers under my dress, but I think it would be fun to do for another occasion when I'm wearing a skirt. :)