Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well Suited - And Well Fitted

Suits. Probably one of the biggest wedding headaches thus far, both on account of Sak's inability to fit anything and his chronic fear of clothing stores that kept him from even attempting to find something.

Sak: "Can't I just wear the suit I already have?"

What? WHAT?

Me: "You...already..have a...suit?"
Sak: "Yeah. It's custom fitted from Hawaii, I wore it once to my job interview."
Me: "You...already..have...a..suit..."
Sak: *blank stare* "Yes..."

Sak ran upstairs and looked into that magical closet of his, and custom-fitted, black, practically-brand-new suit!

I had no idea!

Why, oh why, were we looking for another one, if he already had one? Apparently, because Sak didn't think I'd find his existing suit fancy enough.

But if it ends the suit headache, it's most definitely fancy enough. And it fits. IT FITS.

But of course, there's still more to the story. Sak did end up trying Nordstrom's, and they could fit him, but at a very high price tag. We did look through Chinatown, but forgot to get place recommendations before we went. We subsequently got lost and never found anything. We tried another Macy's and Men's Wearhouse and JC Penney's, to no avail. We even tried a kid's suit, but it was too small in the shoulders.

His existing suit is more than fine.

And now that the groom had his suit, we rallied up the brothers again, this time to find something that matched the color and style of said existing suit.

And it wasn't nearly so bad. We went to Men's Wearhouse in Valley Fair and compared the color to all the suits in the store, looking for that right shade of black. It was determined that Sak's suit was more of a red-black rather than a blue-black, and once we found something, the salesperson let the guys try the jackets on outside so we could see the true colors in the sun. We found something similar, at a decent price and zip, zip, zip - measurements were taken.

Then all three were fitted for white French cuff shirts, and we were done. Now wasn't that easy?

But I should have checked the price on the white shirts before buying them. They were seriously pricey for a plain white shirt. And alterations add up too, but that's a necessary expense for our non-standardized men. Total price for two suits and three shirts? $741.28. That breaks down to $349.98 for two suits, $198.50 for three shirts, $130.00 for alterations, and $62.80 in tax. I think we could have done better had I tried harder, but not that bad, especially if it ends my suit-induced headaches.

So now I have some suits lying around my house until I see our brothers again. Hopefully they will still fit in a month or two!

And I still can't believe Sak just happened to have a suit sitting around all this time. It looks good on him - I should convince him to wear it around the house more often!
Sak: International Man of Mystery.

Do you know what's in your significant other's closet? How many suits should one man own?


  1. Sak looks very handsome in his suit. It's perfect! :)

  2. Very handsome! Mr. Milk has a ton but he needs them for work.