Saturday, March 13, 2010

Manvites: In the Cards

Our pocket folds contain three white linen cards. Front and back, no doodles and my own psychological aversion to white space? Smells like trouble.

First, the reception card:

The printed map (line-art traced from a google map), is a little hard to read since it is small, but as Sak points out (and I have edited his exact words to preserve his nice-guy image),"Our guests are smart enough to know they should just type the address in their GPS or Google. The map is just for visual flair."

And the back:
Acckk! The white space! Make it die!

Next, the accommodation card:

Hotels, ah, hotels. How I loathe thee. I blocked off rooms at a few hotels, actually. Budget friendly ones. And then Penga-Dad chimed in, "If you pick a junk hotel, everyone is going to blame you for it!" And he's totally right. I hadn't actually stayed at the hotels I blocked, so how would I know other than by reviews? So in frustration, I changed the words to "There are five billion hotels in Waikiki. Pick one 'cause I'm not your travel agent." But putting links to review sites seemed much more productive.

Though despite my hotel cop-out, Penga-Mom is still a little worried - she'd like her friends to all be able to stay within the same vicinity so they can party together. And I totally understand that. So I'll be putting more information about where the wedding party will be staying on our website. I'd put it on our cards now, but unfortunately we still haven't decided where we'll be staying.

And the back:

This was actually fun, as you can tell by the minuscule amount of doodling I was permitted. Sak and I tried to think of all our favorite Oahu things, in addition to the normal touristy ones. The beach with coconuts is probably my favorite of the non-touristy things. I'm not sure where they come from, but there's a ton of coconuts that wash ashore. Most of them are rotten, but sometimes you get lucky. We found a dead fish and an uncooked turkey there on our last visit. Take that, tourist beaches!

Oh - but wait! One problem with the accommodation card. I spelled accommodation wrong. Brownie points for you if you caught it! Sak was livid. I half just wanted to leave it be, but we re-printed and cut all 100 of them with the correct spelling. Spellcheck is your friend!

Lastly, the RSVP card:

And the back:
I'm a sucker for mad libs, so I'm hoping we'll get some good "professor plum in the library with the knife!" responses. I'm not sure who I first stole this idea from, but seeing as my wording ended up fairly similar to Mrs. Gloss's, it was probably her.

We also remembered to number our response cards with invisible ink, to sleuth out anyone who forgets to write their name in!

The answer!

We'll throw the RSVP envelope into the back, which was painstakingly YUDUed in shimmery red ink by Sak. (More on envelopes later!)

A decently stuffed pocket, if I do say so myself.

Next we'll wrap this manvite up!

Running Cost Breakdown:

From Previous Pocket-Fold Building: $48.43
White Linen Card Stock: $32.79 for 250 sheets, or $10.49 for 80 sheets used (Extra 20 account for spelling error)
White 4 Bar Envelopes: $13.94 for 250, or $8.36 for 150 used (Extra 50 account for YUDU errors)
RSVP Postage: $45.00 for 100 stamps ($1 for shipping and handling)

Total so far: $112.28 or $1.12 per manvite. Lesson learned? Messing up can get costly! So catch your errors early on!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found on a beach?

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  1. that turkey. was. weird. o_O

    I like the tabs! And cool yuddu-ing on the envelopes!

    And I agree w/ the mapquesting/googling for directions. But I decided to be semi traditional and include a map (I painfully made in Powerpoint following Miss Ballet Flat's tutorial) for kicks.