Monday, March 22, 2010

The Bird is the (Final) Word

A while back, Sak and I made a bunch of cranes for no real purpose other than to fulfill tradition. They are technicolored, and while I thought about re-folding or spray painting them, I decided to take the sage advice given last time, and just leave them as-is.

Now what to do with them, right?

I'm thinking of decorating our ceremony place up a little with them, maybe hanging from the pews?
It might make for some fun, colorful photographs.

Or maybe a curtain of cranes as you walk into the reception?
Any other ideas?

I bought a bunch of glass pearls from Fire Mountain Gems, and started stringing them all up.
Two birds, one pearl, two birds, one pearl.
Forty birds per strand, for a total of 25 strands.

Sak used some metal wire to create little hooks for the end of each strand.

And he made an adjustable cardboard "shower curtain rod" for them should that make attachment easier.

Another project bites the dust! Box it up and ship it off!
What's the lastest item you've checked off your wedding list?


  1. Oh wow! What a task, I love it!!

  2. Nice!! :] The pearls are a cool touch

  3. They look fantastic!

    I came over here from Chocolate Lovers blog - that drawing you did of her and her man is SO awesome! I am totally jealous!

  4. Oh my god! That's amazing :o) Are you using it as photo-backdrop ala faux-to-booth?

    So Jealous!

  5. Oh my goodness! I couldn't picture how you would incorporate those but after seeing them all done up, they look fabulous! So great! How creative. And I love the title of this post :)

  6. @mrs. T - hello :) and thanks for the kind word!

    @az - as soon as you post your tutorial on how to make one! (unless you did already and i missed it?)

    @mrs. beever - hope it doesn't get stuck in your head! hehe