Monday, March 15, 2010

After Alohas

How about a honeymoon?

Sak and I plan on leaving the day after our wedding, on a Sunday. I've heard a few questions of why I wouldn't want to wait around in Hawaii for a little while to hang out with everyone, but honestly I don't want to. Part of me thinks it's utterly romantic to be whisked away right after the wedding. But most of me doesn't want to be embarrassed around friends and family members after my first night as a married lady.

It was never a question of where we would go, of course. The nation of all things cute and amazing. Robot-Capital-of-the-World. Otaku-mecca. Anime-Heaven. Call it what you will, we're going to Japan.

And with three weeks of precious saved-up vacation time, we'll be going all over Japan. Sak and his Dad (mostly his Dad) have been figuring out the logistics, which makes sense since Sak has lived there in the past, and his dad lives there currently. The main stops we'll be making are via the solid line, and the still-not-decided-trip-to-Hokkaido is shown with the dotted line:

(courtesy a google map)

Now to keep me sane, I'm not going to try and think about the trip too much, because I'll fall into the trap of excessive planning. Instead, I gave Sak a list of things we MUST do/see/etc. while we're there.

1) We must go to Akihabara. Also known as the electronic and anime-capital, where I anticipate most of my souvenir money will be spent.

Wall of godzillas?

2) We must get some gratuitous anime scene replica shots. Tokyo tower, the outside of a high school, a temple or two, etc. Again, very otaku-ish behavior, but that's what I am, and I'll wear it proudly.

(source) Tokyo Tower as seen from Card Captor Sakura

(source) Shinji's green international pay phone!

(source) Mount Fuji with robots from Code Geass!

3) We must visit one (or more) of these. It IS a honeymoon, after all..
(source) on Love Hotels..not safe for work, but a very interesting/strange read...

4) We must try the regional specialty food from whatever region we happen to be in.
Okonomiyaki, Osaka style!
Kobe Beef (Wagyu)!

5) We must visit a castle or two, simply because castles are cool, and history is cooler.
(source) Himeji Castle

(source) (Kiyomizu-dera as seen from Lucky Star)

Bonus) I must see Gackt, Japanese rock star and the hottest man on earth (other than Sak!). :)

Just kidding. (But it would be super-amazing if we did.)

I think my demands are reasonable. Did I leave anything out?

And while Sak plans our awesome trip, I'll brush up on my very-limited Japanese.

"Where is the bathroom?"

(Luckily, Sak can understand and speak (in broken-Japanese), so I'm not too worried by my lack of skills.)

In addition to being a place I've always wanted to visit, I think this fits our personalities perfectly. We are not sit-back-and-relax kind of people - we like busy things like sight-seeing and museums and exploring. What better place than Japan?

Are you taking a honeymoon/mini-moon/etc.? If so, what do you plan on doing? Something exciting? Something relaxing?


  1. we're going the relaxing route! we'll be busy enough planning and stuff before hand. so I wanna chill! and the FI loves me enough to agree. :-P

    wanna have ur wedding earlier so I can DOC it? :-P our honeymoon is in hawaii! though in june.

    and dude, Japanese castles are awesome!

  2. oh and the love hotel was kinda weird. interesting. but weird. haha. oh the japanese. :-P (I just watched this like ten minutes clip today of a japanese tv show where four grown men tried to climb a giant set of stairs that was COVERED in lotion)

    I kept thinking about like... how clean those hotels would be. o_O at least I'd be weary of the um... equipment they might provide.

  3. OMG looks like fun! Patrick is dying to go to Japan. He even bought a Japanese language program in hopes of learning. I really hope that we can make it there one day. You will have an awesome time and I cannot wait to read your recaps. :)

  4. I'm not telling Pete because he would be so jealous! He has been wanting to go to Japan since he was a little kid. (Not an anime fan but a huge baseball fan and supposedly the Japanese have an amazing baseball culture!) Those "love hotels" look so funny and I'm jealous of the castles. My boss went to Japan last summer and I was so jealous of the photos!
    She, unlike you, is adverse to foreign food though so her stories were all about how an apple is $4 in Japan and its great to go if you're on a diet!
    Hopefully you'll be a good Japanese tourist and take photos of everyone, everything and every meal you eat!

    So excited and jealous!!

  5. That sounds like such a fun trip (especially the shopping)! Japan seems like fandom central, no matter what the fandom. So cool.

    We are going calm/relaxed/lazy for our honeymoon...can't wait.

  6. @alvina - yeah, the cleanliness thing kind of grosses me out..I'll have to avoid the sketchy ones I guess. They have one modeled after alcatraz even, lol. though just the outside, I think the rooms are normal..or that could get pretty s&m.. and june! ahh! one month you have fun though, it's definitely relaxing! and warm! :)
    @gator: yeah, fruit there gets pretty pricy, as with anything else they have to import in. And baseball is really big there! I'll be a good tourist, promise! you be a good tourist too on your amazing hm location as well! :)
    @ashinwi: very true. and I'm definitely looking forward to the shopping..though the exchange rate is working against me sadly :P
    @bee - hehe! I checked out some Japanese dvds from the library to try and learn a little..but Sak said my bad pronunciation was annoying and told me I couldn't practice in the car anymore. lol

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