Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Program Power! Part 2

Several months back, I mentioned a little something about making a mini-manga to stick in our programs.

And since neither you nor I want to read about the ridiculously long process it took me to reach the end, I'm just going to reveal the finished pages!

We'll start with the cover, which will be a two-page spread. On it you can see all our anime convention costumes of the past!

wedding manga Sorry for the small blog-picture sizes, hopefully some of it is still readable!
custom comic
custom wedding comic
custom wedding manga
wedding manga
custom comic
I fear the whole thing may be too confusing since it's only five pages to span several weeks, but I love, love, love that I now have documentation of how we met. It's much better than the one-page, no punctuation exclamation of our first kissing experience I journaled about way-back when. Trust me.

And if you need a little more context, this all happened at the end of our freshman year of college. Right after our declaration of like, Sak went home to Hawaii for the summer, and we spent every night (during free-calling-minute-time) talking and learning about one another. Meeting up again after the summer ended was exciting and scary for the both of us, but a little more for Sak, as evidenced by his month-long anxiety-vomit-spree.

New love is exciting, isn't it? I get chills just remembering it all.

Anyway, I'll be including a copy of our comic in each of our 8.5" x 5.5" programs, for guests to read if they choose. I need to figure out the best (and yet still economical) method of printing our approximately fourteen page long program.

As of late, I'm really drooling over tape binding:

But as it's fairly expensive, I may just go with the saddle-stitch binding, which is what many magazines and pamphlets use.

Any good ideas on how to bind a program together? How long did it take you and your SO to reach a declaration of "like"?



    Love the pocky licking part. And. The *spark* part on the same page. {sigh} You're just too cute. hehe.

    Are you going to WonderCon at Moscone center?? I just saw it in a magazein and thought of you :-P

  2. O MY GOSH! Penga! This is amazing, I absolutely love it!
    I mean, the tape is a great binding but I'd go for the cheap version for the guests. I'd suggest getting a nice version (or two) for yourselves to remember forever!
    Wow, you're so talented!

  3. @alvina - i've never been to wondercon before! i was planning on going last year but something came up and I couldnt go! but yeah, if not this year than definitely next! :)

    @gator - i really like that idea! that seems like a good compromise!

  4. oh my gosh penga!! this turned out so awesome!! you did great! i really loved reading about the beginning of your relationship in pictures and i know that your guests will too. :) the drawings look amazing as usual. you are so talented!

    there's one tiny thing that I noticed.. it's an annoying habit of mine, so i'm sorry for pointing it out... but i noticed that you misspelled "discount".

  5. @bee - thanks for the catch (and the kind words!)! its good i haven't printed anything out yet, eh? hehe. :)