Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shoe Hats - A Conclusion

I'm not really sure whether I should be proud or ashamed - but I am no longer an Etsy virgin.

Remember those shoe hats I was experimenting with before? Well, you all voted for the feather, so I figured I should get to town.

But it didn't work out. I could not produce a matching pair. It's like every feather in the bunch was completely different. And being cheap feathers to start with, they had an annoying habit of falling apart. It didn't look good. It also didn't help that the shedding feather-fluff was flying all over the place, making a gigantic down mess all over the place.

So I thought maybe I'd just go with the single-wing-per-shoe idea. It was my own personal favorite, after all. But I was afraid that it would snag on my dress since it kind of hung off the shoe.

Frustrated, I decided I'd scour Etsy for additional ideas. Well, I didn't find any ideas, but I did find some shoe clips. Some three-dollar-and-fifty-cent shoe clips. With pearls on them.

And a couple of clicks later, they were mine.

So there you have it - my first DIY fail. But I did get some cute clips at a ridiculously low price, so I'm having a hard time being upset about it. I mean, they are some seriously cute little clips.

I just hope I haven't crossed some sort of psychological barrier that opens up a floodgate of more purchases. I mean, these are a little small, maybe I should switch shoes next?

Well, okay. Maybe it's more of Sak's hope than mine. When you give a mouse a cookie...

Have you given up on a DIY project yet? Did you feel like a failure or breathe the sweet air of relief? Is Etsy always so convenient?


  1. oh but those are so cute! I'm about to try my hand at DIY shoe clips soon... I hope they come out half as cute as your etsy ones!
    Good job at knowing when to throw in the towel and save yourself the time... I think thats a lesson I still need to learn!

  2. It wasn't a DIY fail, it's just not what you wanted, but your clips are amazing :o)