Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shrink-Rayed & Petrified!

Sak popped in the movie Fanboys, and went to town with the invitation cutting. Since we only have one paper cutter, and the movie had rendered the computer unusable for the next hour or so, I brought out the little wooden cake-topper people I had bought from Michaels a while back.

I started by sketching on them with pencil.

At first they had faces that looked like this:

But Sak said it looked too lecherous and creepy, so I replaced them with their current face, which is a little more kawaii (cute).

I only had white, red and black acrylic pants on me, so I painted as much as I could. For small areas and outlines, I used a black sharpie. The other colors: green, yellow, etc., were also done with sharpies. Lastly, I hot glued a little lace skirt to wooden-Penga. I'll still need to give them a shiny clear-coating, and a way to attach to the cake, perhaps a la Miss Pretzel.

Wooden-Penga is holding a paopu fruit from the game Kingdom Hearts. According to the game, two people who share a paopu fruit will have their destinies twined together, no matter what. Sweet, no? Wooden-Sak is holding a blue feather, which is the item you use to propose with in the Harvest Moon games.

Do you think Tamama and Keroro will feel a little put out if I don't use them though?
These DIY figurines are definitely fun, but I don't know if I can commit, there are still so many other things I could use for a topper. At this rate, I'll end up like my friend L., who displayed four different toppers because she couldn't decided which she liked best. And while there's nothing wrong with that, our cake is a little small and could easily topple with too many widgets on top!